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Last minute birthday party...

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insanelycheerful Fri 05-Jun-15 16:33:00

How late would you say is too late notice for a 6 yr old birthday party? DS1 had seemed not keen on having a party so I have not organised one. It's his birthday in just over a week, which I am sure is too late notice (it will be at a venue such as soft play or bowling so need to allow for venue as well as attendee availability!) but what about the following weekend? It would mean people have 2 weeks notice as I will get an email invite out this weekend.....

Would this be rude/looked on badly? I'm hoping that enough people will be able to make it for venue minimum numbers but worried the late notice might put people off? (Appreciate you can't answer as to whether people can make it, but do you think I can/should go for it?)

Seriouslyffs Fri 05-Jun-15 17:00:31

Why don't you have it in a months time? Before the summer holidays but with enough notice?

Seriouslyffs Fri 05-Jun-15 17:03:32

But no of course it's not rude! You could even explain it in the invitation- Please join insanely's son as he has now decided he would like to celebrate his birthday at mega noisy bouncy fun hall at 3pm....

insanelycheerful Fri 05-Jun-15 18:38:49

Thanks seriously smile I think having it in a few weeks might be the best plan actually. Do sth just the family on his actual birthday and then the party later. All the class would be invited and there are no other birthdays this academic year so shouldn't cause any problems and might be nice for them to have one last party of the year.

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