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At what point do I take the hint & should I be worried?

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RandomInternetStranger Sat 01-Mar-14 23:31:48

Don't want to go into detail so this might be confusing but I'll try to explain.

I was looking for a few months for a partner in a business deal and found one I thought would be perfect. It's not quite like this but imagine he's basically volunteered to do me a favour just out of the goodness of his heart.

We worked on and completed a project but no contracts or anything were drawn up. We agreed verbally to our terms, (one in particular was that he had no rights to the project and at no point would he try to take credit for it or bring any civil actions to claim any part of it, and I would not try to take financial advantage of him and come back with any civil claims for monetary contribution or equal liability) all of which we have stuck to so far and I have every intention of sticking to in the future. Technically he has not broken any of his agreements either but has gone a bit funny the last couple of weeks but not sure if I'm imagining it.

He's always responded to emails straight away. 2 weeks ago I emailed him saying the project has been launched and is initially a huge success. He replied positively and asked me in the email for my date of birth and to keep him updated going forward (didn't think much of the d.o.b request, presumed it was for ID purposes and to be honest it's on my Facebook and other online accounts so I'm not precious about it, and he could have worked it out very soon anyway). I gave it to him and asked for his. No reply. I emailed again the other night asking for some personal details (relevant to the project) and suggesting we draw up a written agreement now the project has proved successful. No reply.

Now on the one hand he's not breached any agreements and if he wants to disappear at this point and I take over entirely that is absolutely fine by me. However I am worried he could come out of the woodwork laying claim to the project and making demands we were very clear were not in the deal.

At what point do I worry? I'm trying to convince myself he's on holiday or is done with the deal and is just disappearing now but my gut is telling me to be worried here. If he comes out of the woodwork later it will seriously fuck things up big time and long term for a lot of people and I'm not up for that at all. I can pull the project now, though I'd be gutted, but I'd rather do that than risk any nastiness down the line. Am I overreacting? Should I email again in a couple of weeks if I've not heard back? What should I say? Really starting to get nervous here. hmm Lesson learnt, draw up contracts and agreements BEFORE whether you think it will be successful or not.

ScarletStar Sat 01-Mar-14 23:33:45

If there was no contract drawn up then I doubt he'd have a leg to stand on. However, warning bells are definitely ringing reading your post.

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