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Etiquette for gifts for mum etc at my wedding?

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jonbonjovismissus Mon 05-Aug-13 20:41:41

DP and I are getting married soon, last time I got married blush my mothercand my mil were given a small gift as part of the speeches. Have been to a colleagues (hideously expensive and ott) wedding recently where she mentioned gifts for both sets of parents as well as other people. What is the form nowadays as need to build it into our limited budget?! Any thoughts appreciated, our children are all involved as well, should they have gifts too?

MortifiedAdams Mon 05-Aug-13 20:46:41

I didnt buy gifts for the parents as we funded the day ourselves - I thought gifrs were in thanks for paying? We didnt have bridesmaids so no gifts there, and dh bought his Best Man a lovely goft which he gave the night before the wedding.

My friend bought all her bms, all the ushers, both sets of parents, the cake maker and the two pwople who did the readings.

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