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Words for a reading-help please!

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123rd Sat 18-May-13 16:35:34

I have been asked to do a reading at a forth coming family wedding. Couple didn't want a religious verse so have plumped for an E E Cummings verse. Very lovely and appropriate
Bride wants something to reflect on the fact that some family members have passed away so need to include that sort of thing. What I need help with is the little intro that I will have to say. Some thing along the lines of " x&x asked me to read something for them today as they start the new married life but also as a chance to remember others who can't be with us today" not to maudlin but some words to show respect?? Any ideas would be great. Tia

flanbase Sun 19-May-13 12:07:25

I'd say just like you wrote above - perhaps say to remember those who have passed away. If the couple wanted you could say the names and family relation of the people they are remembering specifically

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