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washing up and cleaning up in the middle of dinner?????

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bacon Mon 25-Feb-13 23:27:35

I found this truly odd and rude. We went to a family meal at the weekend I took puddings, table set up lovely. Adjoining tables due to family size. Had a lovely dinner and had a little rest when all of a sudden the outlaws starting grabbing all the plates running around like mad ants washing up everything and I had hardly moved when someone grabbed my side of the table and whisked it away to pop it back in the kitchen. I hardly had chance to say, hang on a minute we havent finished yet!!! Yet he carried on taking it away and the chairs!!! So a few of us were left for small talk while they were having a frenzy in the kitchen and popping the kettle on (surely coffee after diner?) Myself and hubby (his fam) were amazingly perplexed by this. I was left to put the puds on the table (not much room now) and all crammed on this small table while one of the table snatchers sat in the comfy chair.

Undeliverable odd behaviour as no-one was in a rush to leave and there were plenty of people to help clear up. Back in car myself and hubby couldnt believe these mad actions. Surely we were going for a family dinner and dinner is a usual 2 course min so why would some members of the family take it on themselves to do such an peculiar thing.

I would never dream of doing such a thing - yes I stack, so quickly fill the dishwasher before puds but never strip the room and get everyone clearing up. Funnily enough my mum is slow and will do the washing up later and it drags on but never in the middle.

Is this abnormal behaviour I was wondering whether to mention it to the host? I'll prob do a family easter dinner but I seriously do not want this happening in my home its awful. I thought family dinners were about relaxation, banter and fun not a cleaning frenzy???

Astelia Tue 26-Feb-13 11:58:10

It does sound rather odd. Mind you I had a mad aunt who would vacuum around us all as soon as lunch was finished. At least they didn't get the hoover out!

Happygirl77 Thu 14-Mar-13 07:32:03

Very strange!

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