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Etiquette lessons for teenagers?

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mamhaf Wed 01-Aug-12 16:23:30

I have posted this in teenagers too, hoping someone may have had experience/advice to offer.
This sounds very Hyacinth Bucket - but I've realised my teenage dds have a lot to learn about good manners.

Despite my best efforts, their table manners and general awareness of polite behaviour in public are lacking at times... and I don't want it to hold them back.

Being typical teenagers, they don't listen to much I say.

Has anyone here had any experience of the short courses advertised online which teach these sort of things in a way that might have a lasting impact on them? I'd hope it would give them more confidence in social situations they'll encounter in future.


theredhen Sun 19-Aug-12 07:36:38

Do you think they want to learn? I was brought up by grandparents who were quite "posh" and I used to have to play down my table manners at friends. Even now at posh dinners I rarely see people eating soup or bread rolls the "right" way. smile

futureunknown Sun 19-Aug-12 10:37:15

Sorry I haven't heard of any courses but how about getting them a book on the basics? Or sitting them down and going through what you think is most important with them? eg what is acceptable at home but not in public.

When we visit the grandparents our teens are reminded to be on best behaviour and for their table manners and helpfulness to be top notch. The strain of doing all this means they are exhausted after a few days grin.

Noren Sun 19-Aug-12 11:11:30

I think I had this book as a teen: there might be something more up to date around aimed at teens for their own self-reference, this book was pre mobile phones for example.

MrsJREwing Sun 19-Aug-12 11:21:24

Its not a bad idea, as you say they will listen to someone else sooner. Its good for them to know so if they are ever in a social situation that requires them they know. I think it's rude though to take the piss of someone who was never taught.

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