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Parents letting doors slam in your face, what to say?

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Windandsand Wed 06-Jun-12 06:23:44

I am sick of parents at ds school - he is kg1, not checking anyone is behind them and just letting the door slam in your face as they go out. It's worse when I have dd as she is so small and it can hurt her. Ds wonders why they do it as I am hot on manners and he knows to check and hold doors etc. do I say anything? No one is No one seems in a hurry, just ignorant! Or texting or something!

TeeAndBiscuits Wed 06-Jun-12 07:52:59

"Excuse me? Can you hold the door please?"

TheMonster Wed 06-Jun-12 08:09:07

Sarcastically shout "thanks for holding the door".

Windandsand Wed 06-Jun-12 09:48:15

smile trouble is by the time I have got the door open they are a way away and I am a bit shy to yell infront of other parents and kids. Won't I look a bit rude myself?

TheMonster Wed 06-Jun-12 10:06:45

So perhaps you are far enough behind them for them not to have to hold the door open for you and stand and wait for you to get there? Perhaps their kids dash off and they want to follow them instead.

Windandsand Wed 06-Jun-12 11:29:25

No, they are generally on their way out. I mean I am about 2 steps away behind them as they go through the door, then they let it go, not looking back. Or forward either. By the time u get the door open they are a way ahead. There is a difference between racing after a runaway child and just being downright rude. I held the door for one today who went through and didn't even say thank you.

TheMonster Wed 06-Jun-12 12:15:13

I would have said 'you're welcome' very loudly to her as walked away.

Could you spring forward and catch the door from them when they are infront and say 'thanks'?

Windandsand Wed 06-Jun-12 13:12:48

Yes, I've tried that and I just get ignored. I have loudly explained how rude it is not to say thank you or hold doors for people but it wears thin. Looks like ds is just at a school with rude parents.

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