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am i the "mad one" for expecting a thank you card???

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taytotayto Sun 01-Apr-12 21:08:32

i dont have birthday parties for my children but thats another story but i do allow them to attend parties if they get invited. i always make sure they take a present but having attended about 10 in the last two years ive only ever received one thank you note.
so......are the presents im giving crap? or is it now the norm that no one sends thank you cards any more. what annoys me is these people think they are so much better than me (dont ask) and yet ive always made my children send thank you notes when they get family gifts. im now thinking of stopping my children from going to any more parties but my husband says they shouldnt miss out because of the parents. or should i send them with their hands hanging???

chocoluvva Wed 24-Apr-13 14:03:48

If you see the parents at the nursery and they mention the present and say thankyou then there's no need for a letter IMO.
Otherwise they should do a little thankyou note. My two are teens, but when they were at your DC's stage we were always giving and getting thank you letters.

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