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rudest relative scorecard game

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sicilianbuttercup Tue 27-Dec-11 16:19:40

Some of our rudest relatives will be arriving tomorrow, but how do I work out who is the rudest and preserve my sanity at the same time? Please help me work out a scorecard system which marks bad behaviour and genral goading. So that i can laugh serenely at all their efforts to wind me up.

First to 100 points wins

Failure to say hello 10 points

'gift' of left over turkey (its the 27th and it really ought to be refrigerated by now) 5 points

Farting in public (because we are not paying you enough attention) 10 points

criticizing the cat (he is a cat) 5 points

Breaking stuff accidentally on purpose 10 points

Stealing books (they are my books not dh's) 10 points

Snide remarks (why be nasty?) 15 points

Finding and drinking treats that have been put away for another day 10 points

Making a song and dance about sitting down in the right place at the right time in a strong chair when i am catering for 16 10 points

Inviting very difficult aunty, only telling hosts about this on her arrival 10 points

Duping unsuspecting relatives to bring the very difficult aunty 10 points

'Helping' by obtaining exactly EXACTLY the right method and full instructions of peeling each potatoe from your busy host while they cook for 16 and you nose through all the kitchen cupboards (on the very unlikely chance that help is offerd) 10 points

I'm sure I've forgotton many scoreworthy wind up antics . Please add any that really should be scored highly.

BastedTurkey Tue 27-Dec-11 16:24:37

IIWY I'd abandon the scorecard and get stuck into the gin. They sound awful.

I'd add "helping" by turning off rings on the hob.

Waiting for everyone to sit at the table before wandering off to do something unimportant.

FetchezLaVache Tue 27-Dec-11 16:25:48

They won't really invite horrid aunty to your house without telling you, will they?? That surely deserves at least 30 points!

FetchezLaVache Wed 28-Dec-11 13:14:05

So, who won? Any highlights you'd like to share?

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