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Please could any Americans help me with this question?

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whatstheetiquette Wed 23-Nov-11 20:27:22

My DS (aged 5) has a little American friend who has taught him the word "butthead" (they are in the same class). They are very good friends and say butthead to eachother, laugh and run away. Very good natured. I thought that the word was not really rude so I didn't have a problem with it and besides, they were in no way teasing eachother or intending to cause upset.

My DS has today got into trouble at school with his teacher over this word. So I would like to know, how rude is this word in America? Is it awful for a 5yo to say it? Could you give a British word that is equivalently rude?

Just to add that I don't allow my DS to swear (eg shit) and he doesn't swear. I am feeling a bit like the teacher thinks I am a terrible parent!

MoreBeta Wed 23-Nov-11 20:34:59

There is a US animated TV programme Beavis and Butt-head.

The word 'butt' means bottom in the US and is widely used by many people even in fairly polite company. Often heard on TV.

In other words, not very rude. The teacher just does not want to encourage it.

whatstheetiquette Wed 23-Nov-11 20:46:37

Thanks, I shall not feel so bad about it!

DamselInDisarray Wed 23-Nov-11 20:49:14

It's like telling them off for saying bum or knickers.

amys7 Wed 11-Jul-12 23:08:24

It isn't a very rude phase at all. That being said, when / if my children say it, I correct them. It's probably the least offensive "bad" word for kids in America. My kids haven't picked up bad language here yet, but to relate to another word - it's preferable to hear over kids calling each other butt-head over stupid. Hope that helps!

plutocrap Wed 18-Jul-12 22:08:36

It's disrespectful, though! Nit one yo use for the teacher!

plutocrap Wed 18-Jul-12 22:09:38

Gah. *Not one to use..."

Sorry for the typos.

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