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Old fashioned

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scaryfairy28 Thu 04-Aug-11 09:36:09

Am I old fashioned for sending thank you notes. I had our dd 12 weeks ago and sent thank notes for her present! My girlfriend says it's old fashioned she also thinks I'm old fashioned for thinking people should bring something if there invited for dinner (dinner party not just tea) we had 8 friends for dinner at Xmas 3 courses and wine and I was 20 weeks pregnant no one brought anything she thinks I'm being unreasonable to be annoyed! I wouldn't send thank you cards for everything just special things births, weddings, big birthdays etc. Is it me or her that's odd?

scurryfunge Thu 04-Aug-11 09:38:29

It is not old fashioned at all. It is called being polite. I would always bring something to a dinner party -seems rude not to.

rubyrubyruby Thu 04-Aug-11 09:40:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InstantAtom Sun 07-Aug-11 11:16:23

Some old-fashioned manners are outdated but many can often be a good thing smile

TiaMariaandDietCoke Mon 08-Aug-11 11:36:19

what scurryfunge said

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