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delivery guys - tipping

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skgnome Sat 21-May-11 10:40:19

Do you normally tip delivery guys?, like if you get your groceries delivered? some takeaway? or a big furniture item? I'm from america where you tip everyone, but I don't know what's expected in the UK

Tillyscoutsmum Sat 21-May-11 10:42:15

I don't tend to tip groceries or furniture/parcel deliveries. I do sometimes tip takeaways (usually just rounding up to avoid hanging around on the doorstep whilst they try and find small change).

suzikettles Sat 21-May-11 10:45:56

No. I know places like Tesco ban their delivery employees from taking tips but I don't know how widespread that is.

Personally I'd only tip takeaway delivery people - just any small change though.

Bunbaker Sat 21-May-11 10:45:59

No, not usually. Although I did tip the man who delivered my cooker because he took the old one away and didn't have to. I gave him a tenner. I don't think it is usual to tip grocery delivery people or parcel delivery people.

ZillionChocolate Thu 23-Jun-11 22:42:03

I wouldn't tip any of them. I did tip our house moving men lots though.

rookiemater Sat 25-Jun-11 18:56:11

I don't tip Tesco delivery as already paid extra for it. I'd round up for takeaway delivery to the nearest pound or so, again dependant on delivery charge. When we had a mattress delivered I tipped them £10 because they did a good job and took their shoes up and seemed mannerly.

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