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"natural" hair dye experiences please

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bananabrain Tue 25-May-10 21:40:32

Have just posted on Hair and Beauty but thought I would re-post on here.

Having just looked on home hair dye thread, but not keen to trawl through hundred odd posts to look for natural ones, I wonder if anyone could post their experiences with natural hair dyes.
For me (actual hair colour dark brown with grey increasing!)
1. henna with some addition of indigo: prob best I've found longer term though the grey bits look noticeably lighter than the rest, the indigo tones down that orange-on-the-grey effect. Lovely shine and good for condition. So messy and time consuming to apply though.
2. Daniel Field watercolour. Good grey coverage (totally gone!) with "maple" but started to wash out after 2 or 3 washes. Much easier to apply though.
3. Aubrey Organics - messy to apply and didn't cover grey at all.

Any more....?

Earthymama Wed 16-Jun-10 10:03:19

Hi, BB, I'll bump this as I would like to start using natural products to colour my hair.
I usualy have a very white blonde (over my grey/white locks) and wonder if there is a product that will achieve that look?

LilQueenie Thu 17-Jun-10 11:02:13

I would recommend trying the caca range from Lush.

Saladbomb Sun 04-Jul-10 11:18:59

i'll second that recommendation. if you want to try it bananabrain you would probably want the 'maron' caca colour which is a mixture of henna and coffee, its what i've always used and since i started going grey it does cover well to begin with then as it fades i get sort of brighter high lights but it grows out very naturally. there is also 'brun' which has even more coffee and is less red as the name would suggest, which might be good for you.

if you get the consistency right then it really doesnt get that messy, although yes you need to leave it on a good 2-3 hrs to get the best effect. its really conditioning and the rose essential oils masks the muddy henna smell nicely. it also a bargain, 7 quid seems expensive but i can use a 6th of it on my shoulder length hair so that works out pretty cheap!

samya41251 Fri 21-Apr-17 21:47:21

I had a reaction with henna two months ago. It was pure henna with indigo and after about two weeks from when I used it I developed red itchy rashes on my neck and behind my ears. Had this for about week and I stll have some itchiness.

Sunnyshores Sun 31-Dec-17 20:49:44

not a home dye, but Aveda salons use natural organic products and the company uses less packaging and green technologies.

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