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how can you tell the difference between natural and synthetic limonene and linalool?

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juicychops Mon 22-Mar-10 14:18:32

ive been reading up on it as a lot of organic products have these ingredients in them. how can you tell weather they have used the natural or synthetic version? or should i just assume its always the synthetic version?

i want products that are all natural - not synthetic substitutes

juicychops Tue 23-Mar-10 19:37:07


frenchlady1 Fri 10-Jul-15 13:46:14

I am allergic to a lot of ingredients and to limonene natural or synthetic. If you buy an organic product you cannot know because up to 5% of the ingredients can be non organic.

Imarriedacunt Sun 16-Aug-15 20:42:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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