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I think it is time to stop using wrapping paper. What are the alternatives?

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Meglet Fri 18-Dec-09 21:49:12

I'm going to be good and stop using wrapping paper once my current bits are used up, the sight of all of the waste in the bin after xmas (and birthdays) makes me angry sad.

Does anyone have any inspirational alternatives?

I'm off to google compostable paper to see it it exists........

SantaClausImWorthIt Fri 18-Dec-09 23:45:57

Most wrapping paper isn't recyclable. Something I didn't know about.

I'm not going to stop buying presents for people. Sorry! But I am buying recycled/recyclable paper.

mumbee Fri 18-Dec-09 23:48:11

We recycle bags and wrapping paper have done since I was a small child so buy good quality paper that willlast for a few years. DH thought I was strange but now loves the idea especially the red paper that is for his present usually the special gift from me to him no kids involved!

alypaly Fri 18-Dec-09 23:52:37

i use all my old cards for labels. I just cut rounfd them with fancy scissors and then put a hole in them with a hole punch and thread a piece of gold cotton thro them.
I use brown paper and course string. I attach cinnamon sticks, fir tree fronds, bay leaves and pretty twigs.

harecare Fri 18-Dec-09 23:54:12

We used to unwrap our presents super carefully so the paper can be reused. This is MOST least wasteful thing to do, so save this years paper and in the meantime use one of the other suggestions.

UniS Sat 19-Dec-09 16:54:27

I've been re-useing the fronts of last years cards we were sent for DS to send to his preschool mates as Christmas postcards this year.

alypaly Sat 19-Dec-09 20:29:14

i make the gift labels out of enough to last a life time

Fibonacci Mon 21-Dec-09 12:47:55

I find I can easily save enough paper during the year to wrap xmas presents in - just from the stuff that is used for padding out things, or tissue paper used in packaging etc. With a tag made from an old xmas card. My presents don't look as great as they used to but the kids don't care about that.
And that type of paper can all then be composted afterwards.

indigomagic Mon 21-Dec-09 12:57:33

Second the jazzed-up newspaper idea. I use old newspaper (trying to find some non-depressing stories on!) then get creative with the felt tips. I think it looks alright...

BikeRunSnowflake Mon 21-Dec-09 13:25:44

Little whiskers - I use tea towels for presents to DS/DH and then put them back in the drawer. No unwanted presents, no unnecessary manufacturing/trasnportation etc.

I ave also used old newspaper and magazines. DS doesn't give a toss what is one the paper, or even in it, he just likes ripping.

Runoutofideas Mon 21-Dec-09 14:29:10

My cousin went to the trouble last year of wrapping presents in either newspaper or magazines with an article/cartoon/advert of something appropriate to the recipient on the top. It was very thoughtful and interesting, but I'm not sure there are enough hours between now and Christmas for me to manage it!

abdnhikinginawinterwonderland Mon 21-Dec-09 15:01:44

We moved a year ago and saved all the white paper the movers used to wrap dishes in. All the presents are wrapped in that and the kids can even decorate them (if they care to - I've boys who are not really that crafty).

domesticextremist Mon 21-Dec-09 15:07:49

We do the newspaper thing too - but only the guardian you know wink I save some great travel section pics from the few weeks before and stick them on the front - you know tropical beaches and such like...

BlueberryPancake Mon 21-Dec-09 17:02:16

I go to my local shoe shop and ask for shoe boxes they don't need, wrap the top and bottom part seperately with some brown paper decorated with stickers and stamps from the kids, and hold the top and bottom part of the box with some ribbon. You can ask for the box back and reuse it for other presents, or mention that the box is reusable/compostable and so is the brown paper. I do this for most birthday presents from the kids and for many of our x mas presies.

ChocolateMoose Mon 21-Dec-09 17:40:33

For those with less time, Oxfam does do the recycled/recyclable paper in its shops. I will go and buy some tomorrow after buying the --many many-- few presents I still have to buy.

ChocolateMoose Mon 21-Dec-09 17:41:18

Hmm strike-out didn't work but you get the idea

theminniebauble Mon 21-Dec-09 17:46:40

We use newspaper and jazz it up by using raffia for ribbons. We then re-use it in the garden.

I also trim bits off the over-enthusiastic ivy that grows on the front of our house to wrap around the raffia. Whole effect looks lovely in a rustic sort of way.

givecarrotsachance Mon 21-Dec-09 18:37:28

I love the ivy idea - that's gorgeous.

I've used plain paper which DS has splodged on as it's recyclable unlike wrapping paper. That's looked great - and obviously the plain paper was recycled. But I also save plain brown paper through the year which looks really nice.

It's lovely to see so many people thinking about these things.

Oh and regarding whether using fabric is actually better than paper as it's not organic cotton - yes it is because the amount of chemicals used in paper production is still really high, so while organic (fairtrade!) cotton would have been the very best option, re-using conventional cotton cloth bags is much better than using even recycled paper.

BananaPudding Mon 21-Dec-09 20:29:00

It's just once a year; I use pretty Christmas paper. I was raised by vegan/deadhead-following uppiez who recycle everything! Perhaps gift-wrap at Christmas is my rebellion grin

BananaPudding Mon 21-Dec-09 20:31:41

Hmm. Not sure what uppiez are, but my parents are hippies smile

randomama Mon 21-Dec-09 21:26:26

we have used chinese newspaper quite a bit. it's super cheap and compostable and it looks KEWL grin

jujubean Mon 21-Dec-09 21:41:02

I am pleased to see that some gift bags I bought 3 years ago are still doing the rounds in our family. I've been given a few gifts in them this xmas.

Sidonie Mon 21-Dec-09 22:41:14

A few years ago I discussed with my children that we ask Father Christmas not to wrap our presents and use a Santa sack instead. This would be one way we could help the environment. They were happy to agree. Their father was skeptical thinking that there would be an element of joy missing without the unwrapping. However, the children are more than happy to put their hand into the sack and pull out a gift. This hasn't solved the problem of all the excess packaging that surrounds some of the gifts though!

thell Tue 22-Dec-09 00:41:43

Ooh, thanks for these ideas everyone!
DD's dolls' house is definitely going to be wrapped in blanket now smile

Jogolino Tue 22-Dec-09 09:25:43

I'm a shameless re-user of giftwrap! blush This is due to a combination of environmental friendliness and tight-fistedness (I'm a Scot wink). I can't really see the point of buying rolls upon rolls of paper that will just get chucked.

I just make sure that I don't wrap presents in the paper used by the recipient last year! grin

Jogolino Tue 22-Dec-09 09:31:04

Just realised that didn't make sense at all! blush. I mean that I don't wrap presents in the paper used by the sender from last year....actually that still doesn't seem to make sense....oh you know what I mean! grin

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