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Non-pvc 'oilcloth'

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Ishouldbeworking Mon 07-Dec-09 12:19:24

Have just bought an old farmhouse table and started looking for a wipeable cover for it. Trouble is most of the ones marketed as oilcloths are actually PVC coated. Does anyone know of a more eco-friendly alternative. With an 18mth old and a 5 year oil who loves crafts I need something wipeable. cheers.

GoGoHamsterofDeath Mon 07-Dec-09 12:22:21

make it!

Ishouldbeworking Mon 07-Dec-09 12:33:00

Nice idea - and at another point in my life yes! But at the moment constructing a frame to stretch it is a bit beyond me. thanks anyway.

babymutha Thu 23-Dec-10 02:24:00

ikea. They don't do PVC and have bought out big spotty fabric in a range of colours that is coated. I don't like it unfortunately so will continue my quest for non pvc oilcloth elsewhere.

Furball Thu 23-Dec-10 07:39:12

I've got this one from John Lewis tis fab - it's like a like a wax jacket type material. (sounds weird but it's not)

I shove it in the washing machine (although I see there it says to wipe clean) on a 15 min quick wash and hang it to dry and it's back on the table in 2 hours. - Ideal!

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