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Have yourself a merry Eco Christmas

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ProcessYellowC Wed 14-Oct-09 14:45:10

Ugh! I hate being the first one to "do" Christmas, but I want to do some eco-friendly decorating and I take such a long time to do crafts so will have to start now!!!!

Previously, we have never decorated: DH and I spent the run-up to Christmas constantly socialising, then usually went to in-laws for the big day. DH would occasionally bring it up but I'd quash it on eco and cash grounds and he wasn't too bothered.

Now we will have a nearly 2 yr old and the in-laws are coming to us shockeek! So I'm going to have to make some effort. I have lots of my own ideas and have borrowed an eco craft book from the local library. I have this grand plan of making a stylised tree from a huge piece of cardboard packaging.

SO my really big question is, can it be done well or is it going to look Sh*T?!!!

Drooper Wed 14-Oct-09 20:50:34

I think it could look great, especially with creative input from your 2 yr old smile

madlentileater Thu 15-Oct-09 22:18:58

get a real tree!!!!
there is nothing so lovely.
and each year buy a few new things, bring out the old things....including the ones you've made of course.

paisleyleaf Thu 15-Oct-09 22:21:55

You can get a little live tree in a pot that can go in the garden for the rest of the time. Doesn't last forever, but we got 4 years out of one.
For decorations I usually use evergreen cuttings from the garden, pine cones, ribbon etc

(I'd like to see what this cardboard tree looks like though)

Takver Fri 16-Oct-09 15:04:55

We don't have a pine tree but decorate the house with loads of holly instead - we live in the country so we know plenty of people with holly trees that need trimming. Mostly we have one central big piece that we decorate with baubles etc (mostly inherited from a much loved aunt so they are a lovely reminder of her every year ) and then various little bits around the place.
I like holly better than a pine tree partly for the eco-aspect - not specially grown, and holly always needs pruning - but also (to be honest maybe mostly) because it doesn't shed!!!

scotal Wed 21-Oct-09 07:06:45

We bought a pot grown fraser fir from Scottish Christmas Trees last year - potted it into a much larger pot and then after Christmas put it in the garden.
Neglected it all summer and it still looks better than ever - and is about 15cm taller than last year! Not only does my tree get cheaper every year but I get a bigger and better one as well!
No reason why it should only last 4 years in a pot - just keep repotting it to make sure it doesn't get pot bound. Also make sure it has good drainage and doesn't sit with really 'wet feet'.
Decorations - the kids made lots with salt dough, cookie cutters and then painted/glittered them - not stylish or sophisticated but has meaning!

TitsalinaBumsquash Wed 21-Oct-09 07:19:08

I sewed a lot of decorations last year when one of our Pillows got a bit old and thread bare i used the stuffing and some old clothes and made really simple Christmas tree and Bell and Bauble shapes, i just cut out the shapes, pinned them together, Blanket stitched the edges and stuffed them, they look quite retro and cute i think!

TitsalinaBumsquash Wed 21-Oct-09 07:23:49

I save money every year to when i made a beautiful Advent Calender, sorry to sound big headed but i am crap at crafty things and i worked my bum off on this thing and its lovely. I got a cork board and sewed 25 very simple Stockings (with the Blanket Stitch method from my last post!) then i stuck them onto the cork board and the children have it every year with either a sticker and a little 'task' or treat in each day it comes down at the beginning of December and is hung on the wall on a picture hook, it will be its 5th year in use this year!

Takver Wed 21-Oct-09 12:14:44

Fab, titsalina, have been looking for a fun something to make . . . will have to give it a go, also crap at crafty stuff but trying to get better.
Not sure DD would be so into the idea of a task tho wink

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