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Has anyone got a Green Roof?

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Helium Mon 28-Sep-09 14:36:14

I'd love a Green Roof! Rubbish at doing links - does thiswork?!)
Does anyone have one? Are they expensive/practical - please tell me anything that you know!

Takver Mon 28-Sep-09 18:38:29

Well, I'm no expert at all, and have never lived in one, but I've known a few huts with turf roofs, if thats the sort of thing you're thinking of - along these lines. I guess the main advantage is insulation and appearance. The number one disadvantage I would say is weight, they are bloody heavy, so if you're building something to take a turf roof it means you need to engineer it much more strongly than you otherwise would. Combine that with a hippy disinclination for triangulation and structural bracing (which I'm sure you wouldn't share), and the results can be a little alarming. You also end up with a big bald patch in your field where you dug up a load of turf grin I don't know if sedum roofs are lighter weight?
The ones I've known have had rubber pondliner as the waterproof membrane, and it is prone to get punctured & leak.

SkaterGrrrrl Tue 29-Sep-09 20:22:14

No but they were everywhere at Hampton Court Flower Show this year! I covet one but we're in a ground floor flat

I saw this one recently on a eco shop in the Cotswolds, you could email them and ask for advice?

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