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jogging trousers for 8yo?

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JustCutAndPaste Mon 21-Sep-09 14:12:20

Ds1 needs some more jogging trousers and I don't have the time or the skill to make them! Is there an ethical alternative to buying them from the usual outlets?

I have looked at sites I use already e.g. Bam, Natural Collection, Spirit of Nature and done some Googling but the fairtrade/organic cotton/bamboo type seem to be sold only for babies and small children or in adult sizes. There's definitely a gap for ds1's age/size. (TattyBumpkin says on their website they do up to 11 but maybe that's in the new range. Besides, their sizes tend to come up very small imo.)

I also look in secondhand shops on and off but jogging bottoms don't seem to appear often especially for this age.

I would be fairly happy to pay more from them as he's growing quite quickly so there is a chance I can pass them on to the other boys and get more wear out of them.

Off to do some grocery shopping but will check back later. Thanks.

Takver Mon 21-Sep-09 14:46:30

Ebay? Loads of 2nd hand stuff on there for all ages .. .

JustCutAndPaste Tue 22-Sep-09 16:49:53

Thanks. I use Ebay all the time but must have had a bad day when I searched last time. smile Have done another search and put in bids on a few.

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