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Slop Buckets - Whinging Daily Mail!

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dingdong3 Tue 15-Sep-09 11:24:53

Has anyone seen the headline in the DM today about the slop buckets...I am so incensed about it and bought a different paper when I went into newsagents this am.
What is the problem?
We have these buckets already where I live and I have nothing but praise for them.
They have freed up so much space in my black bin and taken alot of the smell and gunge from this bin. Really, all I have in this bin now is plastic and nappies (UGH!)
It's unfortunately a product of the wasteful lifestyle we have - I have been really ashamed of the waste we throw out and in fact, since we got the slop bucket, I have made a conscious effort to reduce our waste. Whenever you are throwing bits and pieces into your main bin, you don't realise how much you are throwing out. Whenever it is in one bin, it really hits home.
For info, we got a big roll of degradable bags to line the caddy...there is something in the bags to prevent smells - and it really seems to work. We also got tags to put on our bin whenever we need more bags.
Just interested to see if other people have seen this article and wanted to re-assure people that it's not as bad as the DM makes out - they really annoy me with their negativity.

aprilflowers Tue 15-Sep-09 21:24:59

I think they are great and so easy. Ours seem to be dog, cat, rat and fox proof. I wrap everything in newspaper both in the caddy and in the outside secure bucket.
There are no noticeable smells and Im not using a land fill.
I have really reduced by black bin collection.
I often hate some of the Daily Mail's articles

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