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Can you help my husband with his idea for an alt energy shop?

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Spagblog Wed 09-Sep-09 08:06:11

He is thinking about starting up a shop that advises people about alternative energies and the like. He is attending a business start up course and they want him to conduct a survey to see if he even has a market.

He asked me to see if anyone would help him with his survey.


Thank you, we'd really appreciate your help.

Tortington Wed 09-Sep-09 08:15:21


dylsmum1998 Wed 09-Sep-09 15:32:44


Spagblog Wed 09-Sep-09 17:17:04

Thank you!

ange8 Wed 09-Sep-09 17:58:55

done - interesting

Spagblog Wed 09-Sep-09 21:02:26

Thanks! Evening Bump x

Takver Thu 10-Sep-09 20:56:25

I guess your dh has run into this lot?

Spagblog Fri 11-Sep-09 15:46:10

Takver, I guess so. He is trying to invent a new product and needs to prove that there is enough of a market before the bank manager will take him seriously!

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 16-Sep-09 13:29:31


steamedtreaclesponge Wed 16-Sep-09 13:37:03


nlpmum Mon 21-Sep-09 23:53:17

Done. There is a shop in Odiham in Hampshire, CAT has lots of this info, and there is also a similar place in Hebden Bridge - I think it is a charity. Of the above, I think the Odiham one is a commercial venture. Hope this helps. F

EachPeachPearMum Tue 22-Sep-09 00:05:37


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