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artemis2009 Tue 30-Jun-09 14:10:02

What your baby wants ? a healthy nest from the very beginning!

Prospective parents need to know they may be inadvertently putting their children at risk. A new website helps parents-to-be create a healthy surrounding for their child and provides comprehensive information for creating a safe living space for baby. Nesting is a unique website created by the women?s and environmental organisation Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF).

Small children and babies are at particular risk from toxic chemicals in products and furnishings around them. Their small bodies are more susceptible to toxic chemicals because their developing systems are immature. They have narrower airways and smaller lung capacity which means the dose of pollutants they receive is more concentrated than in adults. Their skin is also five times thinner than that of an adult and can absorb ingredients from topically applied creams, wipes and baby toiletries. Some products, materials and ingredients, which are actually supposed to make everyday life easier, turn out to be a health risk and even dangerous.

The web pages cover ?renovating?, ?furnishing? and ?living? and contain many positive tips about painting walls, buying furniture, airing rooms, and purchasing toys and child care products. The visitor will find out which ingredients are harmful to health, how to prevent injuries and what things are really necessary for babies.

Parents should look for the German ?Blue Angel?, EU ?Flower? or the ?nature-Plus? eco-labels. They guarantee health and environmental compatibility. The ?GS mark? for certified safety and magazines such as ?Ökotest? and ?Testmagazin? help an informed choice. Helen Lynn also advises parents to trust their intuition.

?Paints, carpets, furniture, cosmetics and cuddly toys that have a strong smell should be discarded safely. Normal activities, such as airing a room are essential for a healthy indoor air quality. Airing new products is just as important. Smoking in the presence of children must be banned?.

Instead of looking at individual product groups, the website covers an entire phase of the child?s life. It is a guide for parents and all people for whom a child?s health is paramount.

artemis2009 Tue 30-Jun-09 14:13:03

the link to the site is:

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