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Pashley trikes!!! Come speak with me!

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flightattendant19 Mon 06-Apr-09 11:45:25

Hello, I posted in products but nobody reads products apart from a very sweet person who suggested I try over here. grin

Have agreed to buy a Pashley Pic with two child seats on the back.

I've golt to go and get it tomorrow, which means going on the train and riding part of the way back, then another train.

I wondered if anyone has got one of these things and what you think of it. It;s a fairly hefty outlay considering it might not be suitable for us - am trying to think how to make the best use of it, we are up a hill, is it going to be too heavy?

Children are nearly 6 and nearly 2.

Also it might be too wide to bypass traffic jams etc?

Thanks for any thoughts! smile

(am v v excited)

DSM Mon 06-Apr-09 11:50:25

I don't know about the tricycle, and I love Pashleys, however they are quite heavy anyway, so presumably the tricycle will be quite hard going.

I would have thought it would be too wide for going between traffic, TBH.

DSM Mon 06-Apr-09 11:50:52

Oh - I hope you get some better advice than mine grin

flightattendant19 Mon 06-Apr-09 11:58:23

Lol DSM. thankyou grin

silverfrog Mon 06-Apr-09 12:10:09

I haven't ridden a Pashley, but we are about to get a cargobike (prob the kangaroo).

I've tried the nihola and the kangaroo, as these are the ones that suit me best, situation wise.

Not sure how much use my input will be, as the products are very different, but here goes anyway:

i have not found it that difficult to get going with my two (4.8 and 2.3) - did not feel that heavy, and stop/starting was easy (I am Very Unfit)

haven't really tried a hill as such, but have had some slopes, and not a huge problem. likewise cambers were interesting, but not very taxing. I don't ride a bike, and so thougt I'd be hopeless at cambers etc, but was ok, quite intuitive really. I wasn't going at a vast pace, but again, don't need to as I'll be mostly on cycle paths.

I wouldn't have thought you could do much bypassing of traffic jams, as fairly wide I assume

cheesesarnie Mon 06-Apr-09 12:13:36

i am jealousenvy!

flightattendant19 Mon 06-Apr-09 16:59:54

Cheese smile

Silverfrog, that's really useful - thankyou. And envy at Nihola/ Kangaroo!

I wanted a Christiania, just missed one for sale on a cycling forum, it was really cheap...never mind.

well it'll be a baptism of fire tomorrow, got to cross part of London as well as a 7 mile ride through Essex between stations.!

I'm going to regret this aren't

cheesesarnie Thu 09-Apr-09 14:03:27

how did it go?

mums4theworld Sun 12-Apr-09 17:43:27

i am probably too late. but we have a pashley trike with two child seats and they are totally wonderful things. but i would think a 6yr old would be too big. we moved up to a u and me2 tandem with three seats when my youngest was 4yrs old and my oldest 7yrs. i felt the needed to helping with the cycling.

flightoftheeasterbunyip Mon 13-Apr-09 19:26:36

Guys!! Sorry! It fell off my threads blush so just seen it.

Cheese, thanks for asking. it was a bit of a weird one. Journey was fine, but riding it is really difficult! For me anyway. I'm very used to cycling which probably makes it harder. It looks like it'd be a cinch but actually, I found the steering quite different and that was very frustrating. So I've decided to sell it on and have got a second hand Bakfiets instead, not tried it yet, but seems much easier from what I'm told.

Mums4, how lovely - did you really find the trike easy? I have to say it scared me, I didn't feel I could trust myself with the children on board! The tandem sounds good.


mums4theworld Mon 13-Apr-09 21:38:08

Dear flight of the easter bunny,
don't give up on pashley trike - it does take a bit of getting used to. it took me a few goes - steering is different you don't lean just turn. and it takes a bit of getting used to on a camber too. i have been riding mine today. you could try one child to start with - you can arrange the seats so that there is on in the middle. it is so stable - you can get off and it does not fall over.

flightoftheeasterbunyip Mon 13-Apr-09 21:46:05

Oh, thankyou so much, you are so nice smile

Well, I would have persevered as it is indeed a beautiful thing...however I have a very hefty nearly-6 year old, and he was sitting on the back with his nearly-2yo brother and I dismounted, and the whole thing tried to tip itself back shock which would have hurt both of them.

So unless I can think of a way to weight the front down, to avoid this happening, I think I will have to let it go. Besides I have already bought the Fiets! I will let you know how that one rides...apparently it's just like a big, heavy old Dutch bicycle to handle smile

boliviana Sun 27-Sep-09 13:27:32

Hello I'm new in this forum and now I need your help.
I want to buy a pashley tricycle with 2 back seats but I don't know how this bikes are,the reasons why I want to buy this is because I can't ride a 2 wheels bike and I don't know where to buy second hand nihola bikes, I need a bike to take my children to school one is 6 years old and the other is 4. from my house to the school is 2.2 miles we gonna walk 46 minutes and the kids get really tired,by bus will take the same time,and I thougth this will be ideally and will keep me fit. please give me some advice where to get this second hands carry bikes.


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