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what are these 'e-cloths' of which you speak?

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annady Mon 26-Jan-09 19:55:34

excuse my total ignorance, but what exactly are 'e-cloths'?
i've seen them mentioned quite a few times on the boards.
what do they do, where can i get them, and do they go by another name in the shops?
are there any that are particularly effective?
am keen to try them (i think!) but otherwise in the dark!
a x

LIZS Mon 26-Jan-09 19:59:44

no they are e-cloths ! Waitrose, Sainsbury, Lakeland, Robert Dyas sell them. Basically they are a special fabircs which leaves a smear free finish used only with water. For example great for taps, chrome and glass.

annady Tue 27-Jan-09 12:36:12

ah, thanks!
are they much the same as microfleece cloths then?
a x

nannyL Tue 27-Jan-09 13:19:17

i find the tesco own microbibe cloths as good and less than half the price

real e cloths were on offer in my robert dyas yesterday

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Thu 29-Jan-09 19:09:50

i bought my blue e cloths from homebase.

The blue one isn't a microfibre but it does a fantastic job on windows and mirrors and would work well on tiles too

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