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Ive just discovered there's a way to recycle old bras for charity!

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pooter Sat 03-Jan-09 15:54:13

look here
I can't bear throwing them out as they are so expensive, but apparently if i send them here they will be either given to homeless women in the uk, or sent to poorer countries. Cool eh? smile

lilolilmanchester Sat 03-Jan-09 15:59:19

Great idea pooter. I usually wear my bras til they are dropping to bits so can't imagine anyone would want them, but hope to lose weight this year (again!) so will pass on any decent ones.

lljkk Sat 03-Jan-09 22:08:00

Oxfam sells them on in 3rd world, just donate to any of their shops.

MarmadukeScarlet Sat 03-Jan-09 22:12:43

I did this with all my nursing bras, although I had to guess at some of the sizes due to excessive washing!

pooter Sun 04-Jan-09 13:31:31

oh thats good lljkk, i didnt know that. ta!

edam Sun 04-Jan-09 13:34:40


NutterlyUts Sat 17-Jan-09 16:35:44

Oxfam sells them on in 3rd world, just donate to any of their shop

Thats a bit crap.. they make money on what they are given for free

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