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Our new house has no thermostat for the central heating, it only has a timer.

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MadamAnt Thu 04-Dec-08 20:37:26

The radiators can be turned up and down, and the boiler also has a heat setting.

I've tried having it on for e.g. an hour early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and a couple of hours in the evening, but it gets really cold inbetween times! Also, it's on permanently for those hours, regardless of how warm the house is.

I just can't work out what's the most efficient way to use it!

kingprawntikka Sun 21-Dec-08 21:08:18

Thank you very much Lizum , I will go turn the thermostat down a bit more !!

dalmation1 Wed 17-Oct-12 20:23:49

Help! Hi there i have also just moved house and renting - i have no thermostat on the wall like my previous place, where i kept it at a constant temp. Have been reading the threads from everyone about thermostat valves on the raidiators - i have these and was wondering if it is better for me to have my heating on all day or i'm able to programme my heating to come at 3 seperate times during a 24hr period. At the moment i'm programming the heating to come on in the early hours, then on at 7.00am other than that i'm just using button that will bring the heating on for 1hr each time it's pressed. I'm on pre-payment meters so any advice would be grateful - my partner feels the cold more than me - but it's over powering sometimes for me

Pinny57 Sun 14-Dec-14 18:51:44

I know this thread is ancient but if Lizum is still around, please can I ask how I can tell if our room thermostat is dead or alive? It doesn't seem to affect the heating, but I can't tell if it is disconnected or just broken.......

clueless123 Wed 06-Jan-16 09:38:09

Lizmum hi,i have a boiler wiv two nobs wot yu turn one for radiotors n one for hot water both numberd 1-6 but water has e before 6 i have thermostat in hallway n turny things on radiotors which have lines in um like two lines obvious num 2 ect ,i set my wall thermo to 15-20 n mi radiotors set all diffrent hi in livin room n bathroom i also have a reset button on boiler n one wat says eco i was told to put on eco n turn round both nobs to 6 on boiler after 6 it says max pls let me kno if this is ok n my gas a have to put five on a dsy plus i use my emergency n i live in a flat,last night at nine i put ten pnd on ive woke up n 2.55 left plus emergency is this rite

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