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OWWWWW!!! Blasted Mooncup!

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MrsThierryHenry Mon 01-Dec-08 13:30:53

Well I'm now better at getting my Mooncup out, and I've cut off most of the stem - there's just a tiny bit left. It still hurts - even when I push it higher up, as soon as I sit down it changes position and rubs.

Those of you who've cut off the stem, how far did you cut? The whole thing, so that there's absolutely nothing left and it just looks like a cup with a flat bottom? I feel as though I need to be brutal with the scissors but don't want to risk making it unusable. Heeeeelp!

PersephoneSnape Mon 01-Dec-08 13:39:29

I've left about a cm. enough to grab and twirl. when you insert, give it a twirl to make sure it's hitting all the sides (...) or insert a finger and swirl around the lower half of the cup to adjust it. should, hopefully sit more comfortably for you then

MrsThierryHenry Mon 01-Dec-08 13:49:47

Thanks for the tip, Persephone (gorgeous name!) (I'll <ow!> pop down to the <ouch!!> loo right now and give it a whirl <!!??**&!!>


bran Mon 01-Dec-08 13:53:47

I cut it off and rounded the edges with a nail file so that there is a smooth continuous curve at the bottom of the cup. When I'm removing it I just grab the whole of the bottom, it's still quite a good grip because of the ridges on the outside.

rlp Mon 01-Dec-08 14:46:30

I had to cut the whole stem off - I can still get it out. I am occasionally aware of it when I sit down. I feel as if it must be sticking out - but I will not be going back to tampons. I love my mooncup!

Habbibu Mon 01-Dec-08 14:49:22

I cut the whole stem off - I just grab the cup itself. It was uncomfortable with the stem - great without.

nannyL Mon 01-Dec-08 19:17:45

i have no stem at all left in mine

its fine without, and i remember that one or 2 times before i cut it off thinking ouch

lovely now

TrinityRhino Mon 01-Dec-08 19:20:01

I haven't had the chance to use mine yet but do remember lots of pople on various mooncup threads saying that they chopped the whole stem off
good luck

Takver Mon 01-Dec-08 19:21:15

What size do you have & might it be too big?? I had the larger size (as per their instructions) & I found the cup painful whatever, couldn't get it in a comfortable position, it shifted around all over etc etc.
As a last ditch attempt I got a small size one and it is so much better, no problems at all getting it comfortable & I can hardly even feel it when its in.

noonki Mon 01-Dec-08 19:43:52

I had to cut ALL of mine off. or else it hurt me. and use a finger up the side to release the succion.

bristols Mon 01-Dec-08 19:47:24

I cut all mine off, too. I can pinch it between my finger and thumb to release the suction to get it out.

I love mine too!

MrsThierryHenry Tue 02-Dec-08 16:34:50

I have the 'big flappy fanjo' size grin. Finally cut the whole stem off yesterday and it's loads better.

However I do find it painful taking it out - that last inch or so is really hard to do! The cup dips in as I'm easing it out, and then POP! Just as it's coming out suddenly pops out again and this hurts my insides (sympathy please?!). Has anyone else had this? Because I can't control the cup pressing inwards as I pull down, I always seem to end up as a member of the red hand gang. Is this normal?

MrsThierryHenry Tue 02-Dec-08 16:36:25

Also, what do you use towards the end of your period when you're less moist (scuse the graphic talk here, btw)? Do you still use the Mooncup? Don't you find it resistant to go in? I'd ordinarily use a towel or panty liner but no tampons on my lightest days so I'm curious to know how Mooncuppers go about it.

ScarletA Tue 02-Dec-08 16:47:54

Chopped all my stem off too. As for the last days of period - this is when Mooncups come into their own. In they go and you can leave them all day blush without even thinking about it. No more dragging your innards out on a tampon.

Not sure what to suggest about the red hand gang situation. I think everyone's fanjo is different inside (though I'm no expert) and it takes time to get the hang of the old moonie. It sounds like you haven't had yours long? Took me at least 3 months to really get to grips with it smile

Does anyone find that on your heaviest days it slips lose and tips?

bran Tue 02-Dec-08 18:26:00

MrsTH, rinse it under the tap and insert it wet.

Also, how long have you had it? I found it got a lot softer after a few months and so easier to insert and remove. To remove I slant it forwards and then back a bit to ease it out rather than trying to press the rim inwards. That way the full width of the rim doesn't leave at the same time. Don't slant too much if it's very full though as it may spill.

pushchair Tue 02-Dec-08 18:39:19

Sitting on my mooncup now and feel I need to be very cautious when getting settled. Also when standing with one hip out iyswim. Possibly need to trim further but I will be experimenting next month. At least the backache has not returned so hopefuly that was period pain and not good grief what the hell is that up my fanjo type pain.

MrsThierryHenry Tue 02-Dec-08 20:45:04

I'm a brand new moonie user - it's just day 3! It's good to know that it takes time to settle, and that the cup itself will soften (though the idea of dedicating a whole year to getting it right fills me with trepidation! Thankfully it's already better than day 1).

Good tip, bran, re inserting wet, also I'll try your slanting removal approach as that sounds like what I need to do.

Thanks also ScarletA, for your thoughts on what to do on lighter days. It's such a different mindset to not have to check your tampon every 3-4 hours, it does seem wrong to leave the old mooncup up there for so long. But if it works, great!

Just 3 days in and I already feel more comfortable with using it - pushchair, I highly recommend that you snip the whole stem off; certainly for me, even just 1 mm of stem was rubbing and causing me the same pain that your experiencing (not the hip thing, although I don't really stand that way so who knows?!).

What would the world be without MN? There'd be a few more tampons on the waste heaps, that's for sure.

Thanks again, everyone! grin

boogiewoogie Tue 02-Dec-08 22:37:34

Agree about the snipping the end off. I did this at about month 3 and it felt a lot better. I also insert it wet and rotate the cup to ensure that the suction is working properly.

To take out, I pinch the base and wait for it to "squelch" then slide it side to side.

Takver Wed 03-Dec-08 11:52:49

MrsT have you tried using some lubricant? I've tried all the funky folds, inserting wet and so forth, but I've found a splodge of ky round the edge makes it massively easier, and it seems to settle in place better once its in as it can slide around rather than wedging iyswim.
I definitely became a mooncup user on sufferance - I hate tampons, and have used washable towels for years, I've only switched to the m/c because of eczema problems (which I will not go into grin), but tbh I have really got used to it now and I don't think I would stop using it even if the eczema clears up.

MrsThierryHenry Wed 03-Dec-08 22:16:21

Takver, thanks for not going into your eczema probs! grin

Apparently you're only meant to use water-based lubes on mooncups (how do you even find out whether they're water- or oil-based?) but if I need to, that's a good suggestion.

So far water's okay.

Thanks everyone!

bran Wed 03-Dec-08 23:03:42

KY is water based MrsTH. Any of the online (ahem) marital aids shops will sell a range of water based lubricants, so I'm told. wink

DingDongDisasterAreaOnHigh Wed 03-Dec-08 23:09:53

no stem on mine t all. sniped off all th way and smoothed it totally.
to release - reach in, squeeze with thumb and finger and wiggle a bit,then instead of just pulling down do it at an angle so front rim comes out first. warm water to rinse then slips back in.
and haven't yet found a solution to the tal end bit when not enough to use mooncup but trisk of knicker stain.

Califraukincense Wed 03-Dec-08 23:13:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumhadenough Wed 03-Dec-08 23:19:59

I've got my mooncup ready for my first attempt at using next week. Now after reading this thread I'm dreading it! shock

What would be your best first time user tips?

zazen Wed 03-Dec-08 23:24:15

I cut off the entire stem and rounded it off so it is completely smooth - I remember the pain when peeing with the stem still on [ouch]

I always twist it a bit to put it in and out and I squeeze it a bit to let it come out folded up a bit, at an angle - one side first - otherwise it comes out in the round and I feel the need for an epidural [boggles].

Occasionally (on first two days) I end up with a Lady Macbeth problem (out dammed spot) but in the main tis OK if I remove it over the loo and tip it out there.

I insert it wet and it makes a big difference.

On the last days I leave it for 18 hours, so no problem there with 'dryness'. When I see that blood had turned to brown mucus (TMI) I use a boots / tesco pantyliner, and no moonie.

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