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what is more eco friendly re washing machine cycle

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babyjjbaby Wed 08-Oct-08 14:12:51

is it better to do a 30 minute wash then put it on another 15min spin so it drys or to put it on a 52 min standerd wash

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Wed 08-Oct-08 14:14:49

Washing machine! How dare ou ruin our planet! Get yer tin bath out of the shed and scrubbing board dear - then run it through the mangle!!!

tut tut tut!!!

sophy Wed 08-Oct-08 16:41:01

The most important thing is the temperature not the length of the wash.

Should wash at 30c.

babyjjbaby Wed 08-Oct-08 16:46:24

oh right never knew that i always wash at 30 very rarly 60 maybe for nappies or bedding i didn't know weather it is worth using short cycle which hopefully uses less water and then do another spin or just the standered wash

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Wed 08-Oct-08 16:47:44

there's a new one now that you can wash at 15c. seen it advertised on telly.

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Wed 08-Oct-08 16:49:57

poo stains don't come out of our nappies at 30c - i always do 60c for nappies and sometimes 95c blush if they need and extra sparkle. and 30 for eveything else

babyjjbaby Wed 08-Oct-08 16:57:30

that would be good 15c wonder if it gets anything clean tho i find i don't really get poo stains cos i use a fleece liner and soak just the liners i like to put the terrys on a 95 once in a blue moon

Zazette Wed 08-Oct-08 16:59:17

are you sure that the short cycle changes the spin? on my machine, the short cycle only modifies the wash part - spin is the same length as with a normal wash.

I used to do 40 for nappies, with an occasional 60. That worked fine, but best in summer when I could put them outside to dry.

babyjjbaby Wed 08-Oct-08 17:00:20

no on the short cycle the spin is only 800 and on normal cycle it is 1400

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Wed 08-Oct-08 17:12:06

here is the 15c one - its ariel - probably more expensive though!

babyjjbaby Wed 08-Oct-08 17:27:54

oh i use washer balls and soad crystal anyway oh and vanish sopa on stains

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