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amazed how GREAT the most basic environmentally friendly cleaners are...

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nannyL Sat 27-Sep-08 22:06:09

My best friend has just moved into a house that was seriously so revolting it should have been on how clean is your house....

I mean really really really gross

today 6 adults and 1 child have been busy with microfibre cloths/ a few scourers / a mop / 2 dysons / ecover washing up liquid / soda crystals/ and some white vinegar

Ok it took 11 hours, but the whole place is immaculate and actually looks SOOOO clean smile

there were no other chemicals in the house so we didnt use anything else at all grin

(I even took my how clean is your hosue book and we followed the recipies / tips for unusual bitsblush)

The whole place and windows inside and out are now immaculately clean and spider and cobweb free, unlike 24 hours ago.... even the old and tatty garden UPV furniture was brought back to life with soda crystals and some olive oil.

Just goes to show how unnecessary nasty environentally unfriendly chemical are not necessary at all, not even in the dirties of dirty houses wink

RuthChan Sun 28-Sep-08 08:40:06

That must have been hard work, but increadibly satisfying!!

What are your top tips for enviromentally friendly cleaning then?

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