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A good cause to donate an enormous tv to?

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BroccoliSpears Fri 12-Sep-08 22:43:57

Not sure where to put this.

We need to get rid of our enormous wall mounted flatscreen tv. (I know, naff as you like. It's dp's, nothing to do with me grin).

We're going to try selling it, but because we only have a few weeks to get rid I'd like a back-up plan of what to do with it if no one buys it. Could Freecycle it I suppose, but would far sooner donate it to a 'worthy cause'. Any mumsnetters able to advise on who or what may be pleased with the monstrosity?

twinsetandpearls Fri 12-Sep-08 22:44:55

Youth club?

zippitippitoes Fri 12-Sep-08 22:46:26

psychiatric hospital

littlelapin Fri 12-Sep-08 22:47:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zippitippitoes Fri 12-Sep-08 22:47:20

potentially that sounded sarcastic i actually was being serious

brimfull Fri 12-Sep-08 22:48:08

rehab unit.

I work in one and quite a lot of telly is watched by the patients

twinsetandpearls Fri 12-Sep-08 22:49:16

That is a very good suggestion actually zippi. I used to take clothes and toys to a mother and baby unit in a psychiatric hospital as they tend to not get attention or the help they need.

LadyOfWaffle Fri 12-Sep-08 22:49:48

school/nursery? Hospital...

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