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has anyone used ecloths?

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loveshopping Thu 11-Sep-08 00:44:00

I am keen to cut down on cleaning chemicals and just wondered if anyone has used ecloths? I don't want to buy them if they are just a gimmick. They seem quite pricey for 1 cloth but did a search on google and found them cheaper here Any advice please.

RambleOn Thu 11-Sep-08 00:53:29

I love my e-cloths. They are great for cleaning without 'products'.

I clean using a damp dishcloth to get any actual 'muck' off, then just use the slightly damp e-cloth to buff to a shine.

Well worth the money imo.

Furball Thu 11-Sep-08 06:22:20

I find them great. They don't leave smears on things, so if you are wiping stainless steel or shiney worksurfaces, job done.

nannyL Thu 11-Sep-08 19:03:34

we use the tesco own brand which are just as good

keep the granite surfaces clean and shiney without any chemically stuff

WendyWeber Thu 11-Sep-08 19:20:19

They are absolutely brilliant - I don't understand how they do it but they are fantastic!

Aldi sell them in 2s for about £1.50 & they come in at least half a dozen different colours so you can colour-code them - floors, bathroom, kitchen ( a bit of washing-up water helps get grease off), general grimy bits of house (eg down the top of the dado rail on the stairs & on the edges of all the doors in my case grin)

You can honestly clean the whole bathroom with no chemicals, & you can wash them over & over at 95 degrees (no fabric rinse).

I lurve them, can you tell?

loveshopping Fri 12-Sep-08 22:21:25

I hate to get excited about cleaning! but have ordered an ecloth so thanks for all the replies and advice, can't wait to have a go.

ENJOGirl Fri 26-Sep-08 09:59:16

Hi I started with ecloths and found them to be a good substitute for yucky and toxic chemical cleaners, but a little over a year ago discovered Fibre cleansing with ENJO. The savings over a year (or 3 as that is how long they should last) are teriffic (way in excess of 50%). It also takes me less time to clean my entire bathroom than it does to boil an egg. Their Floor cleaning system is the ultimate aswell and all using nothing other than cold water so even saves on your energy bills - saves money, saves time and saves the environment - oh and apparently they can prove that they clean 6.5 times better than traditional chemical spray methods - can't fail!

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