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ok we have one of those things that measure how much electricity you're spending and the tumble dryer is on...

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brimfull Sat 30-Aug-08 20:03:29

so guess how many pence per hr I am spending right now?

onepieceoflollipop Sat 30-Aug-08 20:04:14

about 90p??

brimfull Sat 30-Aug-08 20:05:46

not even close

I am surprised

DanJARMouse Sat 30-Aug-08 20:06:09


onepieceoflollipop Sat 30-Aug-08 20:06:14

More or less?

morningpaper Sat 30-Aug-08 20:06:17

oooh I would guess about 40p


morningpaper Sat 30-Aug-08 20:06:44

if it's low I am going to tumble dry EVERYTHING 24/7

brimfull Sat 30-Aug-08 20:07:03

bingo MP!!

I thought it would be a lot higher

PuppyMonkey Sat 30-Aug-08 20:07:05

Nothing at all! grin

MerlinsBeard Sat 30-Aug-08 20:07:15


TheLurkinGherkin Sat 30-Aug-08 20:07:28

Ooo i have tumble dryer on right now for kids Pjs and have £2.40 left on electric meter so please tell me its good!

DanJARMouse Sat 30-Aug-08 20:08:32

40p an hour is cool.

i tend to dry most of my stuff on the line or on the airer and then finishing it all off in the tumbler for about 20 mins.

so 3 loads would cost me 40p

i prob spend about £3 a week on my tumbler!

brimfull Sat 30-Aug-08 20:08:41

i think that's cheap

I know it's not ethical but ...hey when your house is fuull of washing who gives a shit

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Sat 30-Aug-08 20:09:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

morningpaper Sat 30-Aug-08 20:09:15

oooh it's not TOO bad is it?

I thought a tumbledry was between 40-50p so I'm quite pleased about that

Now halogen bulbs, they can be a TERRIBLE offender

I worked out that my ONE uplighter was costing me a fiver a month

onepieceoflollipop Sat 30-Aug-08 20:09:56

Gherkin it may be a slightly different rate for you? I remember from when we had a meter in the past, sometimes the rate is a bit higher, for example if the bill payer had got a bit behind on the bills and the electricity company are trying to gradually get some of it back. Don't want to alarm you, just don't want you suddenly plunged into darkness.

Also like most appliances, I would imagine that tumble dryers vary in their efficiency and therefore their running costs.

DanJARMouse Sat 30-Aug-08 20:11:07

can i just say, talking of energy efficiency - i am NOT happy with the freebie energy saving lightbulbs.... first time ive ever used one, and its yuk!
The room is yellow.....

TheLurkinGherkin Sat 30-Aug-08 20:11:07

I am paying back a debt yes, they take £3.50 a week off towards it does that mean my tumble dryers going to be more hen? shock

Thank god for emergency credit thats all i can say as no money til monday!

RubySlippers Sat 30-Aug-08 20:11:23


my house is full of halogens

the people that used to own the house LOVED them

DanJARMouse Sat 30-Aug-08 20:12:10

im on a meter through choice, not through debt.

I spend about £10-12 a week on my elec meter and at the moment Im only spending about £2.50 on my gas meter.

ThatBigGermanPrison Sat 30-Aug-08 20:12:21

purely the tumble drier, or everything plus the tumble drier?

I reckon 50p, just for the tumble drier.

TheLurkinGherkin Sat 30-Aug-08 20:12:37

DanJAR Tell me about it! And is it just me, or are they a thousand times dimmer than normal bulbs causing you to have to light a lamp thus using more electric than you would have in the first place! hmm

TheLurkinGherkin Sat 30-Aug-08 20:13:38

yes ive had gas meter for nearly 3 weeks now and im still on my first £10! Its mad considering they wanted me to pay the same amount for my gas than i was for my electric hmm

brimfull Sat 30-Aug-08 20:14:13

ok weird

haloglens on in kitchen -10 of them
dd has them on in her room-6
tumble dryer

now running at 50p/hr

not too bad I think

pinkspottywellies Sat 30-Aug-08 20:16:00

Oh no. How bad are the halogen bulbs? We have 4 in the bathroom (all come on at once) and 3 in the spare room (ditto but not used often).

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