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Burley chlid trailer

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ELR Mon 04-Aug-08 10:43:43

Anyone got one , need it to take dd to school as got ds to take to thought this would be a good option she is in year 1 ds is 2.5 so weight issue ok
Which is best to get

BikerDad Thu 27-Aug-09 00:23:03

My wife and I are selling our Burley Cub Trailer.
Kids don't wanna see it go, but they're too big for it now really.
It's in almost new condition, and can be seen here.
I'll try and answer any questions about Burley Cub trailers if asked.
Best Rgds, Dave & Julia

lljkk Thu 27-Aug-09 20:23:43

They are good but expensive if new, you might be happy with a much cheaper model. Consider your needs.

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