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High end make up without too many nasties - does such a thing exist?

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hopefully Tue 15-Jul-08 13:03:34

I have always been v fussy with my make up - find something I like and don't change it for years. I'm trying to be a bit less chemically, and definitely avoid companies that test on animals, but I'm struggling to find make up that is anywhere near as good as my old stuff(Yves saint laurent foundation, benefit blusher and concealer, MAC eye make up and lip stuff).

Now I know that sometimes I'll have to compromise on the quality, as what makes these brands so nice is the billions of chemicals and crap they put in, but is there any nice ethical make up out there?

I am currently using Origins tinted moisturiser and concealer (moisturiser great, concealer not perfect), and using up old products for lips, eyes etc. The only decent products I've found are the body shop's mascara and eyebrow pencil, which is pretty good...

Anyone able to suggest any brands/specific products that will assuage my make up snobbiness while still being vaguely eco/ethical?

My shopping list consists of:
tinted lip balm (must have lip care stuff in)
eye shadow (browns and creams, very exciting)
eye liner
under eye concealer

I'll try posting this in style and beuty too, apologies if you bump into it there...

hopefully Tue 15-Jul-08 13:07:53

Or should I buy the stuff with the nasties in in the interests of not buying 8,000 different products that are in the end more wasteful if I don't like them?

Gemzooks Tue 15-Jul-08 22:00:09

there's a cosmetics database called Skin Deep, it's online and you can search the toxicity of different brands. Just google skin deep cosmetics database. It will put you off, though! At least they indicate which actual products are worse..

The grand scheme of things is that body moisturiser for example can be more of a concern (carcinogenic parabens etc). as well as things like hair products, and household cleaning products you use. Also garden pesticides. So makeup is only part of the picture..

I have a kind of uneasy compromise where I only use Weleda moisturisers but use normal makeup.. Be aware that Body Shop is not natural and has some of the nastiest stuff going in it.. though individual products might be ok!. good luck, it is a minefield!

hopefully Wed 16-Jul-08 09:51:09

Have de-checmicalised the household cleaning, and am slowly working on things like body lotion etc etc. It's astonishing when you start thinking about it how much crap we use without a second thought. Am now turning into dangerous obsessive though...

Thanks very much for the Skin Deep suggestion, will check it out!

Gemzooks Wed 16-Jul-08 13:15:01

I know, I got obsessive since I started working for an environmental NGO, and you just read more and more stuff, wasn't into it all before.

my husband gloomily says he's not having the toilet cleaned with vinegar!

cornflakegirl Wed 16-Jul-08 13:54:21

Have you tried B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful? It's a sister company of Lush. I've never used their stuff - don't wear enough makeup for it to be a thing! - so I can't comment on the quality - but I'm pretty sure that, like Lush, they'll keep the nasties to a minimum. There's a forum linked from the Lush website - I'm sure there would be people on there who could comment on individual products.

sophy Wed 16-Jul-08 19:48:40

Aveda do nice makeup and are supposed to be organic.

Flutterbye Sat 19-Jul-08 20:36:24

I've used this website for mineral makeup. They have samples (some free, some for a small charge), cheap postage and quickly delivered, worked for me.

cmotdibbler Sat 19-Jul-08 20:41:01

The LilyLolo mineral makeup is really nice and has a very short list of ingredients

pamplemousse Sat 19-Jul-08 20:41:20

Spirit of Nature have a make up range google them maybe?

ahundredtimes Sat 19-Jul-08 20:42:52

Are Benefit full of nasties? I'm a sucker for the packaging.

DorotheaPlenticlew Sat 19-Jul-08 20:47:31

Dr Hauschka does makeup - I haven't tried it but their skincare is so fantastically good, it's worth a shot. they are super-natural.

tazmosis Sun 27-Jul-08 00:27:23

Aveda have chemicals in their shampoos - I thought they were natural but apparently not. Green people are very good for body lotion and shampoos and Liz Earle is also good. Not sorted make up yet!

cornsilk Sun 27-Jul-08 00:28:54

MOP shampoo is good.

expatinscotland Sun 27-Jul-08 00:30:43

I use the MOP detangler spray on the girls and it's fab - Green People shampoo and conditioner because DD1 is allergic to SLS.

cornsilk Sun 27-Jul-08 00:33:13

Haven't seen that - need something like that to attack ds1's hair in his sleep.

expatinscotland Sun 27-Jul-08 00:38:04

ah, see, i have girls.

they go to bed with their hair plaited.

they still manage to get tugs in it, so it's MOP detangler after their bath.

cornsilk Sun 27-Jul-08 00:42:59

My ds's think that combs and brushes are instruments of torture. Ds1 also favours long hair, so it's more than a bit on the tatty side. He's going for the surfer look.

tazmosis Sun 27-Jul-08 10:19:54

Gems - I went on the Skin Deep website and its a bit shock... I was already conscious of what I used and have been gradually converting things to organic/chemical free, but that makes me want to mega speed up!

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