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Just discovered a fab alternative to plastic bags....

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morethanyoubargainfor Mon 07-Jul-08 17:34:45

I have an array of jute/turtle bags etc and use them everywhere, but can find them bulky to carry around, and never seem to have them when i really need them (you know those unexpectedd shoppping trips)so end up carrying shopping in hands. Anyway today i found these and think they are just fab.

what do you think?

morethanyoubargainfor Mon 07-Jul-08 17:36:07

forgot to add they really do fold up small and are easy, and i mean easy to pack away in thier carry case. You just sort of stuff them in, no delicate folding reuired!

Takver Mon 07-Jul-08 18:14:17

They are fab, I have one, I bought one very tentatively for my mum (worried she might have thought I was being pointed), and she went out and bought 6 more for her friends! I like them better than placcy bags not just for the ethical thing but because they don't cut your hands when full of heavy stuff

nobodysfool Mon 07-Jul-08 18:17:01

These are great as well.

MummyToOneForNow Mon 07-Jul-08 22:40:13

I love my onya bag - keep it in my handbag and whenever i think I have forgotton a bag and am going to have to take a plastic one I remember it is sitting in my handbag and feel suitably smug grin

LookingForwardToSummer Tue 08-Jul-08 12:17:32

The onya bags look great! how strong are they? By way of measurement how many wine bottles do you think they'd take? i've been thinking about getting some sort of bags form my unethical weekly supermarket shop - would these do the job? They are lovely and colourful!

SheherazadetheGoat Tue 08-Jul-08 12:18:57

dh has the back pack one. he loves it.

Bundle Tue 08-Jul-08 12:19:54

i have 2 string bags (turtle friendly wink i bought in M&S one pink one lime

hana Tue 08-Jul-08 12:32:00

onya bags are great

Tatties Tue 08-Jul-08 12:43:46

I have an onya bag - very handy and strong

Lalisa Sat 19-Jul-08 20:47:57

the onya bag on my keyring makes it possible to find my keys in my messy handbag. Have had it full of beer bottles and no signs of breaking.

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