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Washable sanitary pads - icky / not icky?

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isaidno Sun 08-Jun-08 21:02:58

While surfing sites for washable nappies I keep coming across washable sanitary towels.

I am interested, but wonder if they are really any good.

Can anyone recommend any?

I have considered a mooncup, but not convinced about that either...

expatinscotland Sun 08-Jun-08 21:04:20

mooncup RULES!

seriously, i am soooo glad i found it.

before i got pregnant, i noticed that since using the mooncup, my periods become lighter and less painful.

PeaGreene Sun 08-Jun-08 21:07:31

Do washable sanitary towels look clean after several uses? Do you have to wash them on hot?

MargaretMountford Sun 08-Jun-08 21:08:05

gross, imo

wannaBe Sun 08-Jun-08 21:08:14

I would be afraid to use them in case they weren't very good and I leaked everywhere.

as for a mooncup - I just cannot imagine myself being in that close a proximity to my bodily fluids. grin.

tissy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:10:17

Not icky at all!

Very comfortable.

Soak in cold water before washing. Mine are a little bit stained, but I know they're clean, and no-one gets that close a look at my gusset, so I don't care!

Have a mooncup as well.

tissy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:10:20

Not icky at all!

Very comfortable.

Soak in cold water before washing. Mine are a little bit stained, but I know they're clean, and no-one gets that close a look at my gusset, so I don't care!

Have a mooncup as well.

isaidno Sun 08-Jun-08 21:10:41

I don't have very heavy periods, so wouldn't be too worried about leaks. Washing and stains would be more of a concern.

Mooncup - can you use it when you have very little flow?

tissy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:10:50

can you tell I'm an enthusiast? grin

isaidno Sun 08-Jun-08 21:11:22

Where did you get yours tissy?

expatinscotland Sun 08-Jun-08 21:12:09

you can use a mooncup at any stage in your period.

it took me a few cycles to get the hang of it, but i am so glad i did!

turned my periods from something i truly dreaded to more of a, 'meh, break out the mooncup this will be over soon.'

Hulababy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:14:20

I have a Mooncup. Started using it during the day in January and have loved it. It is fab.

But I don't like to use it at night. But I find normal sanitary towels uncofortable. So interested in people's experiences of reusables...

Hulababy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:15:30

isaidno - I have very light periods, even now after my ops that last not much more than a day and are extreely light. I fidd the mooncup perfect for this. Far referable to tampons too.

DiscoDizzy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:16:10

icky icky icky

harpsichordcarrier Sun 08-Jun-08 21:17:23

blimey not icky, no more than washable nappies
but mooncups are the best thing ever ever ever

tissy Sun 08-Jun-08 21:17:47

mine are from Ella's House. Some brushed cotton, some micro fleece.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 08-Jun-08 21:19:19

mooncups rock but at the moment they aren't enough for me at night. I've been thinking about washables as back up - recommendations would be great!

Takver Sun 08-Jun-08 21:20:58

Have used washable pads for years - the disposable ones give me eczema on the crease of my thighs where they rub. They leak much less than disposables and are more comfortable IMO. Mine have an inner waterproof layer (which you can't feel as its sown inside the fabric IYSWIM.
I got some new ones lately from a company called Moonrabbits - 8 pads for about £20 which I think is really good value considering I'd had my last lot for at least 15 years. My old ones were white, and had gone 'underwear grey', but nothing worse than that. My new ones are cheerful tartan and hopefully will stay a better colour.
The only disadvantage I find with them is that they are thicker than disposables and so are not very comfortable for riding a bike (hippy, me? grin ). I've just got a mooncup recently because of this & will see how I get on with it. I've never found tampons comfortable (too much icky-stickyness) but I think the mooncup might be better.

expatinscotland Sun 08-Jun-08 21:22:24

Tak, if you're a cyclist my recommendation is to cut the stem of that mooncup OFF.

I don't have one on mine because I found it rubbed.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 08-Jun-08 21:25:04

will look up moonrabbits - thanks - dont care how thick they are in bed as long as they do the job.

Agree with expat about cutting stem off - its pokey!

CarofromWton Sun 08-Jun-08 21:25:51

Ok - who's going to tell innocent me what a mooncup is???

BlueDragonfly Sun 08-Jun-08 21:27:13


(was on Flames site already so was quicker than google!)

ravenAK Sun 08-Jun-08 21:28:44

I win Queen of Icky - I quite often just use old bits of cut up towels & then lob them in the bucket with the nappies! grin

It works fine for night time & weekends (tampons for work or out). Might be worth trying before you invest in washable pads? Also if you try with old towels it doesn't matter about stains - you just chuck them if they are - although my tatty bits of towelling seem to last years without getting stained.

Takver Sun 08-Jun-08 21:30:48

I have indeed cut it off already!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 08-Jun-08 21:32:12

I might try that raven - wouldnt cost anything. Don't use nappies in this house anymore though.

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