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Save money on petrol/diesel

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shymum Wed 28-May-08 20:53:33

I've heard you can use up to 30% less petrol or diesel if you just drive differently. This website tells you how.

I know cars don't really belong on the ethical living thread but it's a green message too!

whomovedmychocolate Wed 28-May-08 20:56:25

Yep and I've been practicing this since the fuel protests a few years ago and I definitely use about 40% less fuel than DH for the same journeys. Also it's much less stressful. Good for you for posting it!

ballbaby Tue 15-Jul-08 21:21:26

This really works - I'm on my 5th week now between filling up. There seem to be quite a few people doing this now - no wonder - it's sooooo expensive.

expatinscotland Tue 15-Jul-08 21:23:20

Consolidate errands.

Get organised and make lists and when you need to do one errand, combine it as much as possible.

Park and walk to do the errands.

Triathlete Wed 23-Jul-08 22:36:26

Isn't it some sort of subliminal ad for BP? Green petrol pump in the bannerhead and so on? Lots of retailers are offering fuel that cleans your engine.

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