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Freecycle Freeloaders again...

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WendyWeber Fri 14-Mar-08 23:36:03

2 great ads on mine today:

<<WANTED: car for going to work in

Would like a car around 1 litre or diesel for going 40 miles per day in to work>>

Wouldn't we all, dear? And if you can afford to tax, fuel and run one, surely you can afford to buy it?

And from the same person:

<<WANTED: upright piano

would like a piano for the children to learn on>>


PurplePillow Fri 14-Mar-08 23:41:41

Yes I know what you mean, on mine there has been people asking for caravanshmm

MoreSpamThanGlam Fri 14-Mar-08 23:46:01


Ive seen a lovely handbag - wonder if I can ask for that. Only £895

booge Fri 14-Mar-08 23:46:47

A lot of people give away old pianos on freecycle, better than junking them. We got ours this way, it's old and decrepit but the kids enjoy bashing away on it.

Cattymum Fri 14-Mar-08 23:47:07

and laptops...

Its just like father xmas innit?

booge Fri 14-Mar-08 23:48:03

I've also seen cars and caravans offered too.

NeverSayNever Fri 14-Mar-08 23:51:40

I once had a dig at someone asking for a VW Campervan, I said if anyone was getting rid of a porsche or an aston, I was their girl, went down well with other freecyclers, they saw the funny side, unfortunatly Mr Campervan didn't, boy did I take some abuse grin

cat64 Fri 14-Mar-08 23:52:29

Message withdrawn

booge Fri 14-Mar-08 23:58:11

I see what you mean (we didn't ask for our either), but maybe you have a piano your thinking of dumping and it's damn heavy to get shot of and it can't be tuned properly. Then you see someone wants one for their kids on freecycle. Bingo, it stays out of landfill, you don't have to deal with getting rid of it and some kids get to learn to play... everyone's a winner.

madamez Sat 15-Mar-08 00:22:55

I also think there's no harm in people asking for things. It's not like you;re obliged to give them the stuff.

fedup1981 Sat 15-Mar-08 00:26:55

I do get wound up when I see

Wanted: Large flatscreen TV

Come on now, that's cheeky! We get plenty of people asking for an "unwanted nintendo ds" too. lol

avenanap Sat 15-Mar-08 00:32:11

I offered a drop leaf table a few weeks ago, I had a email from a man asking what colour it was, when I told him it was dark he said no thanks as he wanted something lighter hmm. Yes, I'll just go down to the furniture shop and buy one for you now! So cheeky, a table's a table isn't it? it's free, if you don't like the colour put a table cloth on it or go and buy one you tight bas**rd!
So many laptops wanted, and fridges, washing machines, dryers. They ask for all sorts, blue rug with white boarder, stainless steel kettle, I thought the whole idea was stopping the stuff you no longer need going to landfil by passing it on to someone who can use it, not specific requests for expensive items?

windygalestoday Sat 15-Mar-08 00:33:26

someone on ours asked for a range rover-we have frequent requests for widescreen tvs and laptops too

avenanap Sat 15-Mar-08 00:38:29

I've just checked, there's a wanted chainsaw hmm, petrol sit on mower and one woman asking for these, she's not asking much is she?

Stair gate
Fire guard
chester drawers

choosyfloosy Sat 15-Mar-08 00:41:40

what's wrong with asking though? it's not a personal insult!

we've got a car that we're going to be unable to afford to keep running from May, I hate the thought of scrapping it as it's perfectly reliable, but it's unsaleable. We probably won't Freecycle it as I worry about people driving it without MOTing it, but I might think about it if I was convinced the person could afford to run it properly.

avenanap Sat 15-Mar-08 00:44:58

No harm in asking, it's when they want something specific/expensive/loads. Asking for a tv's fine, asking for a widescreen Phillips 24 inch with surround sound is kind of pushing it.

choosyfloosy Sat 15-Mar-08 00:54:50

but why? why shouldn't they ask for exactly what they would really like?

avenanap Sat 15-Mar-08 00:59:40

Because they should know that they've got bugger all chance of getting it and are just clogging up the network with emails! I thought the whole idea of freecycle was people donating stuff they no longer want/need to others so that the item/s can be used to extend their life? It's ok to ask for stuff that they need but if they want something specific they should go and buy it. There should be limits as to how much stuff people ask for, I remember one woman who sent about 100 emails in 2 days asking for practically a whole house. This is going to far.

mrsruffallo Sat 15-Mar-08 01:00:21

LOL t this its tru and it really annoys me
For example, today;
OFFERED: Bag of old casettes
WANTED: A frigde freezer
From the same poster
Bit of a liberty
I agree with OP, there has to be a balabnce.
Those of you who say it's fine must be tight arses

WendyWeber Sat 15-Mar-08 01:00:33

Because if they are in need of a telly, they are in need of a telly - generic, not specific.

If any old telly won't do, they can go and buy one hmm

If they can't afford to buy one, they are not in a position to specify. It's rude, greedy and "having". If a child came to your house and asked for Ben & Jerry's, not ice cream, what would you say?

pucca Sat 15-Mar-08 01:01:39

Someone was asking for an IPOD on our local freecycle, i mean FGS!

We put loads on ours, and i offered all kinds the other day including a brand new graco footmuff, and half of them don't turn up.

choosyfloosy Sat 15-Mar-08 01:04:49

i'd say 'Sorry,we don't have Ben and Jerry's, there's some vanilla?'

I suppose I would think less of them for asking (or their parents). But it would only really upset me if they refused the vanilla brick.

Must have another go at Freecycle.

avenanap Sat 15-Mar-08 01:09:50

Wanted: beige marble effect worktop, full width. No chance of getting this, or the person that wants a ps2 with games, they are not going to get that either.

mrsruffallo Sat 15-Mar-08 01:11:07

They are quite mad. Another woman today

mrsruffallo Sat 15-Mar-08 01:12:35

lol avenanap

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