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Eco Friendly Paint - Recommendations for inexpensive & good coverage pls

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Mojomummy Tue 02-Oct-07 13:09:11

Hi, I am wanting to paint the DDs room & our room & want to use an eco paint.

Can anyone recommend a good well priced paint ?

Thanks smile

littlefrog Wed 03-Oct-07 12:22:28

They are more expensive, in my experience, but in the big scheme of things paint isn't all that huge a cost.
We used Ecos paints for some rooms and HATED them - the 'soft sheen' is a kind of plasticy paint, and if your walls are bad or at all damp it just peels off... The matt is better, but not brilliant.
Green Paints have been much better, though the gloss isn't that fantastic - stays very slightly tacky for ages, and seems to mark very easily.
The one I like the best, but is a little impractical, is the Earthborn Claypaint. Covers FANTASTICALLY, really quick to put on. You need way less than you think (we have loads left over). BUT you can't wash it.
Choices, choices...

allmytimeonmumsnet Wed 03-Oct-07 12:38:49

Aren't farrell and ball meant to be environmentally friendly? Lovely paint in gorgeous colours ~(unless you want purple for some reason!). People even use the name when marketing their house!

Mojomummy Wed 03-Oct-07 14:13:27

thanks - is that the EarthBorn Claypaint you are talking about ? it's about £35+ for 5 litres ?

I have just asked for their colour sample card. There is also a regular emulsion which I was going to try, but won't now !

which colours did you use ?

I think Farrell & Ball are very good paints, but not eco-friendly ?

Mojomummy Wed 03-Oct-07 14:17:35

oops meant to ask about the Earth Born Emulsion..did you try that ? maybe I should get some sample pots.

Fennel Wed 03-Oct-07 15:09:05

We have used several of the Auro range. They seem Ok to us. Not shiny. Hasn't peeled off or discoloured yet. I think we used about the same amount as we would have with traditional paint. Certainly not less.

littlefrog Wed 03-Oct-07 17:25:48

hi again, we would have used the earthborn emulsion, but the Green Shop don't stock it. we have a creamy colour which is lovely, really warm (in a basement). they'll make up colours for you, i think, if necessary

Elizabetth Fri 05-Oct-07 14:33:49

We used Auro, but it's really expensive compared to a gallon of Dulux Brilliant White.

It smells gorgeous to paint with though (orange oil and eucalyptus) and the finish is OK, quite easy to mark however.

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