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Free Solar Panels - the fall out

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saturdaymornin Sun 02-Aug-20 11:18:35

Hi all!
I'm interested in seeing how many people have fallen fowl to the free solar panels/rent-a-roof schemes of a few years ago. At the time they seemed great but I wonder how many people are now suffering as a result?

Seems to me that, in reality, people were tempted by this promise of cheaper electric at no cost to them yet, in reality, the savings were nominal and the companies installing them simply used people to make a fortune in FIT payments.

As a result, some companies ran off with the money and disappeared, others, like HomeSun, flogged their portfolio to Aviva for £100m and the homeowners with the panels are now stuck with dodgy 25 year leases. They can't or struggle to sell the house, have to pay a fortune to buy out the lease, can't renovate or extend their properties and many other things. People were talked into setting up a new freehold on the airspace above their roof and creating a 25 year lease, fundamentally changing the ownership of their property and the air around it, with no legal advice.

Many consumers are now pursuing claims for mis-sold solar panels because the savings they were enticed by never materialised, however, they bought the panels. What about those vulnerable, naive individuals who signed up to leases thinking they were onto a win and now are stuck?

Keen to know your experiences!

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