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Oxfam now have an online shop similar to ebays waqy of selling, I guess

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Wotzknot Sat 29-Sep-07 13:24:25

What a great idea. Have any of you used it?

boys bech top 4.99

I will have a good look later. I am on the mailing list and haven't seen this before, so sorry if it's old news to some of you.

TnOgu Sat 29-Sep-07 13:26:53

Wotz grin

I have saved this to favourites and will definitely be having a good look at the site.

Ds would love that top.

Wotzknot Sat 29-Sep-07 13:30:36


isn't it a good idea?

TnOgu Sat 29-Sep-07 13:33:24

It is.

I go to the Oxfam shop in Dublin all the time.

Tis a good way to support a charity.

Wotz - you're doing a fine job of helping people today, inbetween the ironing.

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