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cloth pads - where?

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Cappuccino Wed 05-Sep-07 20:13:35

my lovely nice lady is no longer trading

any suggestions?

FlameBatfink Wed 05-Sep-07 20:20:15

As in sanitary?

I have pirate ones from Exclusives as well blushgrin

(If you don't mean sanitary, tis still pretty fluff wink)

FlameBatfink Wed 05-Sep-07 20:20:58

Ooh - I sell some too!!!

here grin

IdrisTheDragon Wed 05-Sep-07 20:21:37

I have some but can't remember where I got them from blush. They are very good though smile.

WigWamBam Wed 05-Sep-07 20:24:34

Fairy Hammocks from Wee Notions are lovely and soft - and they wash well too. I've used Weemoon from Plush Pants as well, which are good - but they're not as soft as the (rather naffly named!) Fairy Hammocks.

Must go and have a look at Flame's link ...

Cappuccino Wed 05-Sep-07 20:24:39

[wince] at 'fairy hammocks]

flame I am not sure about those exclusives ones I do not particularly wish to think about menstruating onto a pile of blueberries hmm

Pixiefish Wed 05-Sep-07 20:25:10

I have some from Minki- they are absolutely fab

FlameBatfink Wed 05-Sep-07 20:25:45

I felt the same - someone suggested jelly babies to me, but bleeding on sweeties seemed sooo wrong.

(Skull, crossbones and blood are clearly a good combination wink)

IdrisTheDragon Wed 05-Sep-07 20:58:38

Weemoon - they are the ones I have smile.

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