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What to do with old school uniforms?

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Elbowedout Wed 23-Oct-19 18:48:51

I'm having a clear out at home and I have come across a large bag of school uniform from my children's primary school days. I think I had bagged it up intending to pass on to someone and then forgotten. Unfortunately in the interim the school has totally changed uniform - it is a different colour scheme so no change of anyone even wanting the old ones as spares for emergencies. ( As an aside, I bet the current parents are furious as the old style stuff was practically indestructible and everyone passed stuff on.)
Anyway, the question is, what to do with it now. It is a mix of polo shirts and sweatshirts, all with very obvious logos so not really useful as anything else. If not worn out, I always try to pass on my children's clothes or take to charity shops but I can't think anyone would want this . Can stuff like this be recycled and if so, where would I take it? Or is there something more imaginative I can do? My DH will use some as rags in the garage but not this much! Any ideas would be welcomed as it seems criminal to put so much fabric in the bin.

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mamapants Wed 23-Oct-19 21:50:50

I'm sure I read something about charities wanting uniform for children in Africa to wear to school.
Also I guess fabric recycling being the other option.

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