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What can I do with unwanted make-up/toiletries?

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Scootergrrrl Tue 07-Aug-07 18:54:17

Am about to embark on a major clearout of the above so the DCs can get their toys in the bathroom again . Is there anything I can do with the unwanted stuff, either in terms of sending it to a charity or something or a green way of getting rid of it?

Idreamofdaleks Tue 07-Aug-07 18:55:54

PEOPLE buy used make up at car boot sales weirdly enough

nightshade Tue 07-Aug-07 18:57:25

no teenage friends/ relatives about? i usually give mine to mum who takes them into the children's home she works in.

MrsBadger Tue 07-Aug-07 18:58:34

not sure re makeup, but our local homeless shelter type place takes toiletries

Scootergrrrl Tue 07-Aug-07 18:59:37

Ewwwww to people buying used makeup at car boot sales...
No teenage friends over here but Nightshade's idea was what I was thinking of. Don't suppose they want some more do they?

PrincessGoodLife Tue 07-Aug-07 19:29:02

give your kids a load of paper and the make-up and let them get all arty with it

bananabump Tue 07-Aug-07 19:51:07

Freecycle. I've seen people give stuff like that away. Christ, I've even seen people giving away Anne Summers items! The stuff is always collected.

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