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little green street..

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zippit Fri 03-Aug-07 11:39:23 you remember little green street?

well there is a planning application to come up on the 24 August...if you are interested in history, community and the urban environment then you will be interested in this and may be able to add your voice

little green street

this an email which explains:

The developers of a 'gated community' with underground car-parking at the
end of one of London's few remaining cobbled Georgian terraces are putting a
large London plane tree at risk and proposing to tear out a 100 yard-long
hedge (featured in Time Out's London Walks) as part of their plans.

Camden Council will be considering the application to 'landscape' the
proposed development on 24 August.

Please email and copy
*before 16 August* to register your objection to the developer's
inadequate plans to protect the tree and wildlife habitat that is the hedge.
The proposals MUST be refused if there are risks to the tree and hedgerow.

Why are we worried? It's only a twenty thousand pound fine if the tree is
'accidentally' killed, which is a small price to pay when considered in the
context of a twenty MILLION pound development...

You can read the developer's proposals (but to give you a clue, getting the
species of tree wrong, omitting to mention the seventeen vehicle underground
car-park and most alarmingly of all, reneging on a promise to keep the hedge
in their original application isn't promising, but read for yourself) at
h.aspx Simply enter 2007/3323/P in application number.

You'll find some comments which you might want to make in your objection at
our blog >here - please extract some facts from Cathi's and other's mail<

Please forward this mail to your friends and anyone else who cares about one
of the few remaining bits of a London we'll all miss when it's gone.

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