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Refillable toilet cleaner bottle

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lotusbell Fri 10-May-19 19:51:50

I recently bought some Ecover toilet cleaner and liked it so invested in the 5 litre refill. However I've since realised that once my original bottle is empty, I've no way of refilling it as I wont be able to get the spout off - its obviously not been designed to refill. Does anyone know where to find bottles with the narrow spout hat that I can fill up myself?

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Whiskyagogo Sun 12-May-19 10:44:04

Splosh sell toilet cleaner which is in refillable bottles. I don't think you'd be able to get an empty bottle though - but once its run out you could easily fill it up with your ecover.

Grandadwasthatyou Sun 12-May-19 11:14:35

I used the Splosh one but really didn't like it. You receive a sachet of powder which you then dilute yourself in their plastic bottle. If I remember rightly it was purple and left tiny little purple specks all over the toilet which did not disappear when flushed.

Grandadwasthatyou Sun 12-May-19 11:16:54

Sorry ignore above! Thought you were asking for recommendations but see you already have one you like and just need a plastic bottle.

Whiskyagogo Sun 12-May-19 12:35:32

@grandadwasthatyou the one I use is blue, maybe they've changed the formula as I don't have that problem!

Hecateh Sun 12-May-19 13:15:30

You can get refillable spray bottles in a garden centre. Used for misting plants.

lotusbell Mon 13-May-19 06:13:06

Thanks all. I did wonder about a spray bottle but not sure if the liquid is too thick. I am thinking either a big condiment/squeezy bottle might have to do or I will have to try and prize the nozzle off this one!

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lotusbell Mon 13-May-19 06:13:44

Prise, even!

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gigi556 Mon 13-May-19 06:20:09

I'd go with splosh. The one I have is blue so they may have changed the formula. Anyway, you can refill it with the ecover you have smile

lotusbell Mon 13-May-19 07:26:01

Doh, it was actually really easy to lever off with a sharp knife so refill completed!

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ThighsRelief Wed 26-Jun-19 01:07:11

I was going to say I used a Tesco's white distilled vinegar bottle. Easy to get the plastic stopper out and can direct the squirting - plus water it down.

KaraGoodrum Wed 10-Feb-21 10:55:18

Condiment bottles, such as the mustard and ketchup bottle seen at burger vans :-) Empty, white ones can be purchased on Amazon for a reasonable price! Thank you for the inspiration.

Impy89 Tue 23-Feb-21 22:09:30

I use a spray bottle for my toilet cleaner from Miniml. Perhaps an old fabric conditioner bottle? I know I have one knocking about still and it has a spout

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