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bathroom stuff without packaging?

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Stargazing Fri 06-Jul-07 22:15:43

have just properly noticed the amount of packaging/ bottles etc in our bathroom - face wash, shower gel, shampoo etc etc - anywhere I can buy packaging-free stuff without turning into a spotty, lank-haired dog's dinner?

Califrau Fri 06-Jul-07 22:23:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaintGeorge Fri 06-Jul-07 22:39:34

I love LUSH.

The shampoo bars are great.

Aefondkiss Sat 07-Jul-07 00:38:23

suma soap, it isn't wrapped, they have little paper bags, if you want one, beside the box, in health food shops.. 69p a bar approx - I stick a beer bottle top in the base to stop it from cracking, no plastic packaging...

KerryMum Sat 07-Jul-07 00:40:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stargazing Sun 08-Jul-07 16:36:07

talk me through the beer bottle top please? have never heard of doing this.

Aefondkiss Sun 08-Jul-07 22:21:31

stargazing, it is simple, take a top from a bottle of beer, staorpramen is nice.... we recently had some tiger beer... any old beer will do really, try not to let it be too mishapen, then press it into the base of your soap, no soap ever cracks because it dries out, isn't sitting in water after every use...

it works try it, then please tell everyone you know, then they won't buy plastic bottles to keep soap in (well maybe) the only thing is you need to let your soap rest on the bottle top, because that is what stops the soap from cracking...

is that clear enough? it is very simple, you can buy soap with bottle tops embedded in them, but they are £2.99 a bar

Danae Tue 10-Jul-07 15:36:32

Message withdrawn

ediemay Tue 10-Jul-07 15:38:03

another vote for Neal's Yard. If you use mail order, the packaging chips are biodegradable

Stargazing Thu 12-Jul-07 20:55:27

thanks all - I had loads of Neals Yard empty bottles decorating my bathroom (such a pretty blue!) as I use their Mothers Massage Oil (and not a single stretch mark!) but took a bunch in today for recycling and bought shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and face wash. Quite expensive so will be sparing! And will post back to let you know if my looks, such as they are, go to pot in the absence of my previous chemical-filled anti-ageing lotions and potions. Thanks again!

BrummieOnTheRun Tue 17-Jul-07 14:27:30

Ecotopia sell shower gel, shampoo, etc, in massive 5 litre containers so you can keep refilling. Also washing up liquid and dishwasher gel. Home delivered too.

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