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Small apartment, family of four, no garden - can I compost my veg waste?

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BogstandardBelle Wed 02-Jan-19 14:45:02


We are a family of four living in an apartment. We don’t have a garden as such. We eat a lot of veg / salad and I wondered if anyone has experience of indoor composting systems that are non-smelly and don’t take up too much space? The main examples seem to be wormeries and Bokashi systems? I’ve read several blogs but they don’t really talk quantities - I’ve got a feeling they are written by hip young things living alone or in a couple - not a family.

While we don’t have a garden, we do have flower beds where we could deposit / dig in the compost every so often. But the system itself would have to be compact and indoors.

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PlainPiglet Sat 12-Jan-19 16:33:41

We had a small wormery from Wriggly Wrigglers but unfortunately it couldn't cope with our scraps (2 of us).

If you're keeping it indoors, you might want to read this:

as ours was in the garden but the fruit flies were pretty horrific. That said, the worm "wee" from the tap was really great for the garden plants.

Cynderella Sat 12-Jan-19 18:58:30

You can buy extra trays for the wormery, but even so it probably wouldn't take as much as you want it to. Do you have any neighbours who have compost bins? We used to take our neighbour's kitchen waste - she'd empty the caddy into our bin and we'd give her a bucket of compost for her hanging baskets.

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