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Eco friendly antiperspirant?

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Wrybread Thu 20-Dec-18 07:41:23

I know that I can make my own deodorant, but because of excessive sweating I get recurrent underarm thrush whenever I don't use antiperspirant.

I need help finding an eco friendly one that genuinely helps reduce sweating. We're also trying to reduce our plastic use so anything without plastic would be even better. Can anyone help?

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witchmountain Sun 23-Dec-18 14:57:41

Someone recommended this on another thread a few weeks ago:

It’s not an antiperspirant but I’m wondering if the ingredients that reduce the growth of bacteria might have the same effect on the yeast that would cause thrush. No idea, but it might be worth a try. The packaging is sugar cane.

Prior to that I used the Lush sunflower one. It has sodium bicarbonate in it which would in theory absorb some of the sweat but not sure it would absorb enough in your case.

Otherwise, would botox in your armpits be an option for you? I’m not sure you’d get it on the NHS - the website says it “may not be available” and I’m guessing if you can control it with strong antiperspirants it might not be. No idea of the cost of going privately but it might be worth looking into?

girlandboy Thu 27-Dec-18 14:27:25

I use a crystal one. I was doubtful one would work on me, and to be honest they are only touted as deodorants, and not antiperspirants. But I find I don't sweat either if I use it. Perhaps it's me, but it might be worth a go. I'm never going to use anything else now.

flowerpothead Fri 18-Jan-19 06:15:45

I like the Ben and Anna one I buy from my health food shop. It works and smells lovely but I’m not very sweaty.
The NICE guideline for hyperhidrosis recommends a 20% aluminium chloride antiperspirant. If you’ve got one that works for you I would stick with it and perhaps write to the company and encourage them to change their packaging. Much more eco friendly than having to buy thrush treatments.
PP suggested Botox but if you’ve got an antiperspirant that’s effective that would be much more eco friendly than going down the healthcare route. I’m a hospital pharmacist and the plastic pollution and carbon footprint of the NHS troubles me daily. A vial of Botox and associated manufacture, transport, plus syringes, Botox probably delivered to the ward in a plastic bag, disposable swabs, disposable couch cover, disposable gloves etc etc. Plus the clinic set up, carbon footprint of getting you and the staff there etc etc etc! The waste and pollution that healthcare creates is colossal.
Do you wear natural fibres and regulate your sugar intake (and know you don’t have diabetes?)

PoesyCherish Fri 18-Jan-19 16:13:55

I use the Lush the greeench deodorant powder. I used to sweat an awful lot but this seems to do the job. Unfortunately the packaging is plastic though but a bottle does last me a couple of months.

PlainPiglet Fri 18-Jan-19 19:05:34

The Natural Deodorant Co stuff is in a glass jar and works really well. They have a stronger version for exercise.... It is a little expensive but lasts for ages.

Squirrelfruitandnutkin Wed 30-Jan-19 11:41:33

I’m looking for suggestions too.

I’ve just switched to the natural deodorant company and it just isn’t working for me. I’m getting damp patches! blush

Might have to go back to my old roll on. sad

zozozoo Wed 06-Feb-19 10:54:12

I second the natural deoderant Co. Vanilla and Manuka clean is my favourite and the I one I always come back to having tried other brands. Wish I could find a good recipe to recreate it!

OhHolyJesus Sat 09-Feb-19 16:32:12

I love FitPit from green woman. A small glass pot was £3 I think so not much to spend to try it out, works for me (couldn't get on with Earth Conscious, I smelled by lunchtime) and it's way more that the 3 weeks supply in the pot as you don't need much.

VeganAmy Sun 17-Mar-19 19:01:53

I use the Your Nature deodorant from, I don't think it's actually an antiperspirant but I do find it does the job so much be worth a try?

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