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Splosh REFILLABLE Cleaning Products

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PavlovaFaith Fri 09-Nov-18 15:29:37

Hello everyone, I feel the need to share this company with anyone looking to reduce plastic waste in their cleaning routine...

I am currently struggling to breathe for a good portion of the day thanks to my various household cleaners. Many contain respiratory irritants and I'm suffering the consequences of using them. Not to mention the plastic waste!

Then I discovered a brand from Scotland called Splosh. They use mainly plant-derived ingredients and work on a model of refillable pouches. It's seriously easy, it's seriously cheap compared to other eco brands and their mission is to eliminate plastic waste by >90%. You get the products bottled in your first order - starter packs are as little as 3 bottles or you can choose as much of the range as you like, then you use the app (or website) and order refill pouches. The old pouches go back to splosh free of charge to be recycled. The refills are often several bottles worth so it's not such a faff to reorder.

Plenty of info on their website and they give you a lovely card booklet explaining the wonders of each product in your first order. I'm so impressed I had to share!

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Frazzlerock Fri 09-Nov-18 15:48:37

I use these, I really like them. Though still waiting to order hand wash bottles which are still unavailable...

needsahouseboy Fri 09-Nov-18 15:58:37

I can’t see if they use palm oil or not. Do you know please?

PavlovaFaith Fri 09-Nov-18 16:26:55

I believe there's a full list of ingredients on the website for each product. I don't remember reading palm oil anywhere..:

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PavlovaFaith Fri 09-Nov-18 16:33:01

@Frazzlerock coming soon aren't they?

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Frazzlerock Fri 09-Nov-18 16:39:25

I hope so, they've said 'soon' for a while now. I think I'll buy some bars of soap to last until they become available.

3kidsandafewcats Sun 11-Nov-18 11:42:27

I started using Splosh last August. I have the lime washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner and find them all ok.

BeeFarseer Sun 11-Nov-18 11:44:46

Have their bottles improved? I used Splosh years ago but the spray bottles kept breaking. I switched to Method instead but I'd like to give Splosh another go, but can't keep forking out for new bottles when they stop spraying.

Frazzlerock Sun 11-Nov-18 13:01:19

They give you free bottles if yours break @BeeFarseer Though mine haven't done yet. They seem pretty well made to be honest.

The only thing I am missing is anti bac spray so I buy that from somewhere else. Not sure why they don't do an anti bac. We need it for clearing up cat sick off our floor

BeeFarseer Sun 11-Nov-18 13:32:19

That's good to know, thank you. I had one free bottle from them, but it was done begrudgingly and they wouldn't do it again. Glad to hear it's changed. I think I'm going to give them another go. Do they still do the almond floor cleaner? The scent was beautiful.

PavlovaFaith Sun 11-Nov-18 16:12:03

Yes they do ❤️ smells amazing!

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needsahouseboy Sat 17-Nov-18 15:33:56

I emailed them and nearly all their products use palm oil. They did not say it was sustainable palm oil either!

Frazzlerock Wed 21-Nov-18 11:14:55

@needsahouseboy nooo! sad

PavlovaFaith Thu 22-Nov-18 20:53:16


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girlandboy Fri 23-Nov-18 14:01:27

Splosh is on a "palm oil free" list of UK companies.

SuseB Fri 23-Nov-18 14:17:06

Just to say, that unless you particularly want their bottles, you can use any bottles for Splosh products. The instructions for diluting etc are all on the website in the FAQ (eg ratio of water to product), so I just use my old Ecover bottles etc. Saves a bit more plastic/money! Looking at the ingredients lists for the products I can't see anything I recognise as palm oil or derivative...

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